Gen 4 Fixed Yet?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Glocks n' Crocs, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Has Glock fixed gen 4 yet? I just bought a gen 3 G30 45 ACP and I have a hard time recommending Glocks to new gun owners due to the inexcusable performance of gen 4. :dunno: Even though gen 4 has been out for how many years?

    With that said my gen 3 G30 has the dual recoil spring.

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  3. xnicodemusx

    xnicodemusx Custom fitted

    I own two gen 4 glocks. Never have I had a problem with either of them.

  4. t8er

    They replaced the recoil springs and the guns have been fine. I've got a gen 4 G19. 200rds so far and zero issues
  5. No offence gentle men, but have you shot thousands of rounds out of a gen 4 Glock with the "new" spring upgrade?
    #4 Glocks n' Crocs, Oct 11, 2013
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  6. t8er

    None taken. Only had the gun for a couple days. Need some more time.
  7. Charles Wagoner

    5 thousand or so rounds through mine. Works perfectly.
  8. xnicodemusx

    xnicodemusx Custom fitted

    I have just over 4000 through my 17 with no issues. My 29 only has about 1000. Still... no issues.
  9. MarcDW

    MarcDW MDW Guns
    Millennium Member

    My G31 4Gen is my carry gun.
    So far over 1K through it and no issues.
    Also, I disagree about the "inexcusable performance" remark.
    Practically every manufacturer has issues with new products.
    It's the question how the company deals with it and I would say Glock did a great job there!!
  10. Yes their marketing department did well by avoiding the word "recall" and using "exchange" :whistling:. I know, I know, every gun has issues. Glocks included. Glock did handle it well by not denying that the gun had a problem, but I never heard anything about the problem being solved.
  11. When did they change the recoil springs? I'm wondering if the guns on dealer's shelves right now have the upgraded springs. Is there a serial number range to look for that has the new springs?
  12. t8er

    The gun spring issues were with Gen 4 Glocks sold before June of 2011 I think. Might have been 12. All of the new guns have the redesigned recoil springs.
  13. Charles Wagoner

    The recall started back sometime around 2011, right? I bought my Gen4 G19 in 2012 and all the internals were up to date when I got it. Given how quickly Glocks fly off the shelves I'm sure there are no old ones left, or at least extremely few.
  14. Thanks for the quick replies Guys. Good to know.
  15. 2 9mm G4's no problems, my wife and I shoot them just about every week. I will get a 30s G4 when they come out.
  16. They're definitely much better now.
  17. So its safe to recommend a gen 4 now or should I still tell people to look for a gen 3?
  18. About 3K through my 2011 vintage G4 19.
    No issues at all.

    I recommend Gen4 to everyone, as I think the grip pattern and changeable backstraps are superior.
    #17 ksmedman, Oct 11, 2013
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  19. Most gun store clerks still believe that a too strong dual recoil assembly was the culprit. The gen3's had the same problems. That's why the recoil spring assemblies in the early gen4 9mm was never the reason of early, and later gen4 9mm problems. Also, the gen4 g23 had initially the same problems (.40 generates more recoil energy) as the 9mm versions, BTFace, and failure to ejects, so that's why it can't be the recoil spring. Glock modified the front end of the dual recoil assemblies, so that it sits better against the slide, and doesn't slip through the slide/muzzle during shooting. Glock had to do something to avoid costly lawsuits, and mass recalls of entire guns. Companies are somewhat/ a little better protected as long as they tried to fix a problem before a lawsuit was filed. The extractor was the culprit all along, IMO.

    Anyway, I think that the newer production Glock 19, and others are good to go now. Go buy one and enjoy it!
    #18 Made in Austria, Oct 11, 2013
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  20. I've got (2) gen 4 G19's and (1) gen 4 G17 and haven't had any issues with any of them. The G17 is at 2500 rounds and the G19 is at 1800 rounds. And 99.9% of it has been the cheap 115g target ammo. The only gen 4 I had somewhat of an issues with is my G21 that was having weak ejections, but now after 850 rounds or so it's running perfect. I think the tight RSA just needed loosened up.
  21. The Gen 4 22 I bought two weeks ago was subject to the recall/exchange and had not been upgraded yet. Quick call to Glock and 2 days ago the new spring showed up. All is well. I had put a couple hundred rounds through it prior to the exchange and it worked flawlessly. I couldn't be happier.

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