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  1. I hope this is the right place to post this but I just wanted to contribute to the wealth of knowledge on this forum by giving a brief overview of my experiences with the first 500 rounds through a Gen 4 Glock 17.
    This is my first firearm purchase and before April it had been over 14 years since I had fired any firearm. Before I purchased the G17 I ran roughly 500 rounds through various other firearms including various 1911, gen 3 glocks, XDM, XD, SW MP and others. And at first I did not like the glocks and was heavily leaning towards the XDM. All the glocks I tried(all gen 3) just didn't sit right in my hand then I ran 100 rounds through a gen 4 g17 and was instantly sold it just felt right.

    So after learning that glock stopped making OD glocks which is what I wanted I found STG Firearms in Arizona and even though it took a week longer than expected I was greeted with this gorgeous piece of equitment when I went to my local range to pick it up.

    After filling out the forms and purchasing a 33 round mag and a membership to said local range I checked the gun for any excess grease or barrel blockages(no problems the guys at stg sent a range ready gun clean and lubricated) then I put 100 rounds of blazer 124 gr and 50 rounds of Speer lawman 115. With no problems at all. The next 150 rounds were a mix of winchester white box, blazer 115, and American eagle 115. Wasnt until round 299 ( a blazer 115) when it failed to eject the casing was back in the barrel with a small split down the casing starting at the top going down about a centimeter.

    during the second trip to the range I noticed that depending on how tightly I was gripping the pistol the brass would eject differenty too tight and i got hit in the face any other grip and it went to the right.

    The third trip was 50 rounds winchester white and 150 rounds of blazer (quick side track blazer 115 is selling for 9.99 here)
    on round 499(again a blazer 115) had anouther failure to eject where the casing came out and back in to the barrel.

    I must mention my first thoughts on the 33 round mag in a word Amazing. I couldnt believe how amazing the mag felt in the gun the added weight felt perfect anyone who owns a G17 needs a 33 round mag(sorry if you live in a state that dosnt allow it) it should come standard.
    In the end I feel like this gun will be with me for the rest of my life and I will enjoy every day that I am able to take it shooting.
    I just thought I would share my experience for anyone contimplating a gen 4 g17. I hope to keep this post updated each time I go to the range. Any questions comments or advice are appreciated especially comments on the 2 failure to eject.

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  3. Sweet OD....I have a gen 4 as well(no OD) and love it. I wasn't much of a 9mm guy until got one of these. Very easy to shoot accurately with no drama. Nice choice!

  4. Duracoat?
  5. oops forgot to mention its cerakote very impressed with it too. Hard to tell its not just the color of the polymer
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  6. Congrats on the G17.
  7. Folsom_Prison

    Folsom_Prison Brew Crew

    Congrats on the 17!
  8. Folsom_Prison

    Folsom_Prison Brew Crew

    I was wondering that, it doesn't look FDE by the pic.
  9. Looks good.
  10. Looks good, Congrats!
  11. Giggity-Giggity

    Giggity-Giggity Giggity-Goo!!!

    Love mine too:
  12. another 163 rounds down(no problems) getting ready for my first GSSF indoor league. 63 blazer 115, 50 blazer 124, 50 speer lawman 115. I couldnt see a difference in my groups but was trying to see if different ammo fired any more accurate than another. Shot a 465 during a practice run those 50 and 75 ft shots are killing me.
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    Looks Great!!
  14. I don't know how good of a shot you are, but differences in ammo accuracy might not show up until you sit at a bench. Unless you are already shooting sub-3" groups at 25 yards off hand.

    You might notice differences in point of aim first.
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  15. Very nice color - hopefully as you fire it more the few little issues will work themselves out.
  16. deerslayer thanks for the advice. I was hoping the range would have a rest available as it has been before but it wasnt there on sat. I dont have 3in groups more like 5-6in at 25ft so I guess it doesn't matter what I use for now just need more practice. I was looking at 75 ft and 50 ft so maybe it was pointless but it forced me to concentrate on my form so no harm done.
  17. Certainly no harm done at all :)

    I like to buy ammo by the case. Have a bunch of guns that me and my wife shoot, and have settled on American Eagle 124gr FMJ to keep us all happy. For carry it is Speer Gold Dot 124gr HP. Occasionally also get a case of Speer Lawman 124gr FMJ. Through gun clubs, also tend to end up with an assortment of you name it brands in 115 gr, and some reloads from a friend.

    I know every gun is different, but if I run all of that in my Glock 17 G4, while sitting at a bench, the group size doesn't go much over 3 inches at 25 yards. But the point of aim can move up or down. My best group sizes around 2". Maybe the gun can do better with other ammo, but that is really pushing my own limit with iron sights anyway.

    If we calculate that at 25 feet, I'm guessing your gun will likely shoot 1" groups with typical factory ammo. But it will be well worth sitting down at a bench to verify that. Just pick your ammo of choice (based upon cost or availability) and some day when you get the chance, sit down and shoot a 5-shot group, put up a clean target and shoot another 5-shot group, and so on. I encourage this because it lets you know what you and your gun are capable of with a good rest, and your best slow accurate shots. 5 shots at a time is a lot if you are really going slow and concentrating. You'll appreciate a break of changing targets between each of those groups :)

    Then when you stand up and blast away and see groups sizes open way up, you won't suddenly wonder if your gun and ammo are to blame :)

    It seems you were already taking this approach I am talking about (they just didn't have the rest available). But it is amazing to me how many other guys never think of doing this. Guys who shoot shotgun sized groups and are trying to figure out what is wrong :rofl: The confidence and knowledge they could gain by some time spent at the bench would help them a lot.

    /old man ramblings
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  18. Ya i wish 124gr was more available in my area as it seems to shoot very nice (softer feel) But only one place in my area carries it and at 14$ a box compared to the blazer 115 for 9.99 its hard to justify for practice use and If im going to practice with it I might as well compete with it. Thanks for the ramble some good points and advice.
  19. Congrats on the G17! Nice report as well.
  20. shot another 143 rounds yesterday 100 winchester white box and 43 blazer 115 no problems which brings the total to 806 with 2 FTE on rounds 299 and 499. Shot a 468 doing a practice GSSF indoor but kept all but one round in the rings where as the last one was 465 with 4 outside the rings so I am happy with that practice session major focus on locking arms and wrist with correct stance and focus on the front sight. Side note I got my GSSF member package in the mail payed 3rd recieved package on 15th.
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