Gen 3 vs Gen 4

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by No_Stock_Glock, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Wich would be a Better choice? An all around better gun.

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  2. Warp


    Which model?

  3. This is the important question. I prefer the Gen 3 grip texture as well as the mag release more than the Gen 4. I bought a Gen4 G27 originally and it shot great. Being a southpaw I figured the reversible mag release would be great. Turns out I have been shooting Gen 3's for so long, I couldn't get used to releasing the mag with my thumb rather than my index finger as well as the increased size. I sold it for a Gen 3 G27 after 7 months.

    That being said, the G26/G27 did not get as many functional improvements as the other models due to them already having the dual recoil spring. That is why the model question is so important. If you are looking at anything other than a G26/G27 I would seriously consider the Gen 4 as long as the changes between generations are not uncomfortable for you as they were for me. Hope this helps being that I am rambling at 4:40 in the morning.
  4. G19 or 23. I'm not a huge fan of the gen 4 grip texture either, and I'm not to crazy about the mag release.
  5. Cfish

    Funny thing, I prefer the Gen4 because of the grip texture and the mag release. Not to mention the grip panels.
  6. The changeable back straps are nice Thoe. Just hate the new texture!:(
  7. Only difference I care about between the gen3 and gen4 models.. Trigger. Only a avid shooter that's meticulous like me recognize this but the gen3 triggers are a lot more smoother and lighter. I much prefer the trigger feel characteristics of gen3...
  8. I had a Gen 4 G17 for a short time. I already owned a Gen 3 G17 and just bought the Gen 4 on a whim since I saw a good deal. I ended up selling it, but I had no problems with the gun. I just liked the feel of the Gen 3 better in my hand and didn't have a need for the changeable backstraps. Regarding the trigger, I can't really offer a good comparison. I know I liked my Gen 3's trigger better, but it was broken in, had polished parts, and had a Glock minus connector in it. I kept the Gen 4 stock for the time I had it.
  9. Bruce M

    I would think that if you specifically need the ability to have a smaller or larger grip then the Gen4 is the answer; otherwise probably a toss up.
  10. I prefer the gen 3.
  11. After handling both, I bought the gen 3.

    I also didn't like the texture on the grip.
    Trigger is smoother on the gen 3 as well.
  12. I don't have a Gen. 4 Glock, but I'd kinda like a G30.
  13. TTex

    TTex Cannon Fodder

    Ejection issues aside (and they have been reported in 3rd and 4th gen) I have to say I really like the 4th gen. I like the bigger mag release. I like the new grip texture. (solid but not cheese grater sharp) The new dual recoil spring is beefier in the G19. Finally after shooting my G26 gen 4 and breaking it in I find the trigger works out to be perfect. My 3rd gen G17 with the .25 trigger job is smooth, but it just doesnt give me the resistance I want, the G26 after a few hundred rounds is crisp with just a hint of mellow smoothness!
  14. tbc


    The grip size (w/o back strap) and the texture from Gen 4 are significant better for my hands. Personally, erratic ejection does not bother me as long as it goes bang every time.

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  15. I would say get a gen 2 in good condition or go with the gen 4. The gen 2 's are what made the 19 legendary IMO.

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