Gen 3 smooth between the finger grooves

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  1. Is this anything special ? I am not a big Gen 3 fan due to fat fingers . But I wanted a 26 . So a few years ago I picked a used 26 and last week at work a coworker had his out and we noticed I have no checkerboard between the raised finger grooves
  2. Njanear

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    You will see that referred to as a GEN2.5 subcompact on this board. It was smooth on the first ones out and then someone figured that it could benefit from the checkering, so the GEN 3 appeared.

    PS: Yes, there was no GEN1 or GEN2 in those models. :dunno:

  3. cadillacguns

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    What Njanear said..I have a couple a BSA Prefix G-27, a BRU prefix G-26 and a BTN and BPL baby also, (G-26/27) all 2.5 Gen. You should have a serial # starts with "B" I bet, never seen a "C" and grooves were there by the "D"'s.

    The Glock factory (+)2 was made for them, no checkering!
  4. I have a G26 CCV and smooth grooves.

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