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  1. My Gen 1 17 starts with CK (October 1987)

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  2. TJC

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    I had a Gen 1 pencil barrel in it's original box with all the tools, unfired. I sold it a few yrs ago to a collector. He paid a very nice price to me for that setup.

    Still have 1 Gen 1 17 left. Sold another that had been used for yrs in GSSF.

    I also had and then sold, GSSF0002 G17. I was offered the opportunity to buy GSSF0001 and passed for #2.

  3. GSD17

    GSD17 Thread Killer

    I have a very early 1st Gen G17L. DA was the first prefix. Mine is DA1XX.
  4. I own AY380us bought by me in oct 1986
    I have a neat story about my glock, in 1991 some assH(*& robber broke into my house and stole 3 guns, my glock was one of them, I was pretty pissed to say the least:steamed: well in 2010 I get a letter from the ATF, stating the fontana sheriffs dept. has one of my guns, and sent me a release letter, as I enter the sheriffs office and state who I am, show them this letter, all eyes are upon me, whispers here and there and 5 officers following me into the room they directed me into, I see a female officer sitting behind the desk, I realize I am in the evidence room, after I give her the paper she pulls out my tupperware glock case, my eyes widen "where on earth did you get that?" I say, all eyes sway to the the left (my right) to a file cabinet against the wall.?????
    The female officer says, you see the new carpet? well when we changed the old carpet and moved the file cabinet there my glock was sitting on the floor behind the file cabinet, back in 1991 the robber was caught with this glock in his car and it was put into evidence , they dont know how it ended up behind the cabinet.. 22 years :wow::wow: ,they asked me to sign a paper as not to press charges, i said "are you kidding me I am so happy to have my glock back" but had to sign anyway, after explaining the story of the robbery,myself and a few officers went down the street to a range , the owner of the range didnt even charge us after he was told the story...
    pretty cool, now I have my MINT gen 1 glock
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  5. Kaiser Soze

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    I saw one with serial number CBN465 at a firing range here in Manila.
  6. I own a Gen1 SN AT**** dated by Glock 1986-06-01. It was a safe queen and is in like new condition. I was lucky to find it.
  7. I have 17L s/n DB702. Mine has the solid (not ported) replacement barrel. How about yours?

    I'm shooting mine. You?
  8. GSD17

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    I plan on competing in the GSSF match in Conyers, GA with it this year, instead of my G35.
  9. R3508

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    I got my original G17 #E*******. Used, in CA for $459 + tax & fees. No regrets.


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