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    I thought I would post a picture of my Gen 1 G17. Serial AH1XX. All original, black internals, both non drop free mags and all the tools in the original case. With a call to Glock, I found out it was the 1,1XX imported. I just happened across it at a gun show a few years ago. I just told the guy, "I'll take it". Didn't even ask the price. It turned out the price was $400. The guy behind me said, "You bastard". He was a second too late. :supergrin:


    I have another AY serial number that I use as an occasional shooter. I shot the one in the picture once.
  2. That's a sweet deal.

    I'm not letting go of any pieces right now.

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  4. AK30x-never fired that bad boy. My pic would be zactly like tony's. I'd love to have a stack of those in the old flat boxes, made for "armory storage"-I'm likin it.
    I'd like to have an old manual that came with those first Glocks

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