Gen 1 17 in box

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by Tailhunter, May 10, 2013.

  1. Nice Gen. 1 Glock 17 in box with 2 mags. Anybody got an idea of what this thing is worth or know of someone who needs one? Thanks.

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  2. Its worth $200. Where should I send postal $ order? :)

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  3. I expected a little more seriousness out of you collector types. :)

    really .... anybody?
  4. superdoc

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    where is it? am interested here!
  5. It is in Colfax NC. PM me with your info and we could talk.
  6. I paid $400 for mine, which I thought was fair. $400 is a good price for any used Glock.
  7. 400 is a superb price for a used Glock.

    Only place I see those are in my dreams ....
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  8. Sorry Ill play. Pics?

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  9. Paid 325 OTD for my gen1 17.
    I'd call it a "shooter" grade, lots of dings and scratches, but shoots excellent. It came with only 1 mag.
    OP, I'd jump on that deal yesterday!
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  10. A number of years ago, a buddy of mine was in a bind for cash, and sold his cherry gen1 G19 to a gun shop in Maine, where he lives for $250. I would have given him $400 for sure if he had asked me. $400 is a fair price for a used G17/19/26, and I have bought 2 at that price. If someone is specifically looking for a gen1 for one reason or another, I can see him/her paying close to $500 for a minty one with box/papers etc.
  11. I'll get some pics up tomorrow when I get back to the shop.
  12. superdoc

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    PM sent
  13. CA Escapee

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    I just traded a gently used Gen1 17L with both barrels, 2 new magazines and its box for a new M&P 40 Pro Series, straight across.

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  14. Here she is ....

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  15. **** Post deleted by La26 ****
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  16. RimShot

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    Ooo! Nice! Is that one of the infamous "gun boxes" that quietly prompted Glock to start making "Do NOT store loaded!" warnings?

    I've heard about a certain box that, with a chambered-round, could ND out the side of the box when dropped/thrown/Gomer'd.
  17. Here are the insides ....

    The infamous gold trigger bar .....

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  18. How sad, you got one of the defective "pig nose" ones. Keep looking!
  19. Pig nose beauty is in the eye of the beholder .....

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