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Gemtech pays your tax stamp

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by StuckInCa, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. StuckInCa

    StuckInCa GT Water Dept

    Dec 5, 2004
    Phoenix, AZ
    Figured someone may find this useful.



    Was anyone looking forward to today?

    I hope so.

    Because, see, a while ago, I had come up with this idea: That while everyone had been in the middle of a lot of negativity in the suppressor community, and there had been a lot of negativity in the nation’s economy, but perhaps GEMTECH could lead and do our part to inject a small ray of sunshine and fun into the fray. Call it our corporate responsibility to try to direct people’s focus more towards getting out and having fun shooting suppressed, enjoying their silencers with friends, talking to people with more respect and civility, hugging their mom, losing weight, quitting smoking, wagging more and barking less, etc.

    April 15th is historically looked upon by most as a “bad day” or the reminder that it’s time to pay Caesar what’s due. No matter what tax bracket you’re in, you probably aren’t a big fan of paying taxes. Even moreso when your dollars are funding things you might not politically agree with. So what better day for GEMTECH to take a stab at making something *fun* happen for everyone?

    GEMTECH is hoping that we might provide you, our respected customers and our great dealers that make up a big part of our lives, some good times and financial savings to make things a little better for you today –– and then again in a few months when your transfer is approved, and then really for your whole life with those high quality, hearing-health-preserving silencers of ours.

    Yep, we’re pretty nice folks here, and we're just that concerned about your well-being.

    So we submit that today is April 15th, 2010 Tax Day... That happiest time of year.... GEMTAX TIME!!!

    From today, Tax Day, April 15th, 2010 through the end of the month, while The Man is taking your hard-earned money, GEMTECH offers something big back to you.


    Ready for the 2010 rules of engagement?

    Some of this you’ve heard before, some of it’s changed for 2010, so listen up and read for content so you don’t do something embarrassing.

    Here’s how to take advantage of the 2010 Gemtax promo:

    1. Purchase a qualifying GEMTECH suppressor from your favorite FFL/SOT dealer between April 15 and April 30th and Gemtech will pay your $200 NFA Transfer tax for you!

    2. With your dealer's assistance, complete your Form 4 with local CLEO or Trust/Corp data, etc., Fingerprint Cards, Certificate of Compliance – Get everything all done and ready to go to BATF... except that nasty $200 dollar check made out to the Feds. Don't worry about that during Gemtax time - This one's on us.

    3. But instead of sending it to BATFE, send your Form 4 package to Gemtech along with a copy of your dated sales receipt. If you send us your email address, we’ll email you confirmation that we received your Form 4. We still strongly and politely suggest you send your submission in a trackable manner, so you aren’t tempted to call us on the half-hour for the next two weeks, asking "Umm... Hey, sorry to bug you, but I'm just checking if you got my envelope yet?"

    4. From there,


    for you and send it in to the BATFE NFA Branch. We're so friggin’ squared away, we’ll also even send you notification via email or USPS as to the date it was sent in to BATFE for processing. From there, it's up to the always friendly and efficient NFA Instrument Examiners to take it from that point. (Hi, Ted! Ink up that approval stamp and get ready for some overtime!) They'll approve the form in their usual, timely manner, provided you're not the town bad guy, didn't do something wrong in completing your forms, etc.

    5. After what seems like forever, but really isn't that long in the grand scheme of things, the BATFE will send the approved transfer to your dealer with a pretty blue $200 dollar tax stamp glued in the upper right hand corner –– which will always be a cheery reminder of that special time of year when GEMTECH paid your tax for you.

    And after that… well… that’s it, really. It’s pretty simple.

    From there, get outside and go shooting with your new world-class GEMTECH suppressor, have some fun. That’s what this is all about!

    Oh yeah –– one future-fun angle that might be of interest: If you want to post pics of your shiny new can(s), there will be a little contest later this summer where one winning photo submitted by one of y’all of a “Gemtax Thank You” pic will get a little something special... And by that, I mean I don’t mean little, I mean really cool. (We’ll let you know the when/where/what on *that* later, when Forms start getting approved. But let’s stay on the current events track here.)

    Small Print #1: Look, for your own man-sake here, don't embarrass yourself by being a whiner - we're trying to do something nice here, so if you already bought one of the qualifying suppressors prior to this sale, hey, suck it up enjoy your class-leading silencer, and drive on, you know? Companies run coupons and sales all the time with start and expiration dates.

    Small Print #2: Ok, so you're thinking "Wow, I don't mind spending money with a good-guy, independent, American firearms company like Gemtech, and it sure chaps my butt to give another red cent to the government, so I think I'm going to run down to my local FFL/SOT and get on this unique opportunity today"...

    …but your dealer doesn't have one in stock! Crap! What do you do now? (Suggest politely to your dealer that he should keep more on his shelves!)

    Well, get him to order it A.S.A.P. Yep - here’s something different this year: Supplies will be limited to amount on hand. Gotta do it, it makes it cleaner for everyone. There’s a lot in stock of each item, it’s not a con with only a handful on the shelf – still, it’s first come-first serve this go-round.

    So get cracking and order one or more (yeah, because *some* guy is going to ask - you can buy a mess of them and we'll still hook you up paying the taxes... why not?). If you order with your dealer before April 30th, it's going to take no longer than 45 days maximum to have NFA Branch approve one from Gemtech to your dealer –– even for you Louisiana guys with that silly LA-state double-registration thingy. When your dealer gets it in, complete your Form 4 immediately, and get it in to us before June 15th with your proof of purchase that you bought it between April 15 and 30th, and we'll *still* write that $200 dollar check to BATFE for you. This offer ends entirely on June 15th. We mean it. (This means *you*, guy that tried to send in one last *October*.)

    Small Print #3: Complete your forms correctly. We'll send them back to you without a check if they aren't submitted done right. Sorry, but we can't babysit you, teach you English As A Second Language, help you get your own fingerprints (unless you also send us your fingers), nail down a CLEO signoff, establish a corporation in Nevada, provide you with a bootleg copy of Quicken Willmaker for your Dell PC running Vista, or the like. If you can't complete the forms correctly, you can't participate in the offer. See your dealer early for assistance to get that Form 4 done in time to participate in this offer.



    You were waiting for the qualifying model?

    How about we just skip the little stuff and kick things out in a big way this year with some of the best cans available in the industry for all the major categories?

    SANDSTORM – A precision-crafted, accurate, and 100% high-grade featherweight titanium 7.62 NATO and subcaliber threadmounting silencer.

    MULTIMOUNT – The best marriage of value and sonic performance going for 9mm handguns, carbines, and SMGs. Backed by GEMTECH, the innovators of the modular 9mm pistol/carbine silencer concept, with the best customer service in the business.

    G5 – Industry leading sound performance in a National Stock Numbered 5.56mm carbine suppressor, in duty use with domestic and NATO troops around the world: Rugged and light, with a quick & secure mounting system.
    G5 INFO

    RAPTOR – The quintessential and quiet SMG workhorse, with our patented and proven 3-lug female quick disconnect, mounts quickly and securely to MP5s and other 9mm carbines with a male 3-lug adapter (not included). Applies to both .40S&W and 9mm variants.

    *These are the ONLY models the Gemtax rebate promotion applies to. Supplies limited to stock on hand throughout April 15-30th Absolutely no backorders. We will post if/when we run out of any model on and in our Industry Forum on ARFCOM.

    The qualifying model suppressor(s) must be purchased from any dealer from April 15, 2010 and close of business April 30, 2010, and your Form 4 must be received here at Gemtech (Eagle, Idaho offices) by close of business June 15, 2010. Send your Form 4 to:

    attn: Gemtax Promo
    335 North Edgewood Lane #110
    Eagle, ID 83616

    How’s that work for you, huh?


  2. r2kba

    r2kba Relax

    Jun 13, 2000
    South Texas
    Yep. Too bad I was impatient this year and ordered my multimount a few months ago. Next year.

  3. Jer


    Jun 20, 2006
    Colorado, USA
    Also too bad it's only on a few models. I need a Tundra 9mm and a 5.56 can but not liking to options for the promo.
  4. r2kba

    r2kba Relax

    Jun 13, 2000
    South Texas

    Why dont you like the G5? I use it's cousin the M496D and 100% satisfied, even with the old one.
  5. Jer


    Jun 20, 2006
    Colorado, USA
    So if I want a simple 1/2x28 suppressor for my Glock (and a couple other hosts, same thread & pitch) can I buy a Multimount for $575 or do I also need to buy an adapter? I'm kind of confused if I need to buy an adapter as well or if you can just buy the suppressor and be done with it if I don't need several different adapters for different hosts. Will $575 do me or do I need to add an adapter for another $50??

    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby CLM

    Aug 10, 2005
    Same here, but I didn't know. It's like being nice and happy then, :okie:
    I wish I would have known this back in Febuary, $200 is a bit of cash just to have the privilege to buy something that can help save my hearing. :steamed:
    I vote that if we have to pay tax to the Gov to own it, we should in the very least NOT have to pay tax on buying it.

    Next there will be a tax just to mount the freaking thing. :tinfoil:

    DARKSHADOW My Work Hobby CLM

    Aug 10, 2005
    One of the reason's for mounting to a Glock isn't just because of the threading. The barrel on a Glock sort of free floats when the gun is cycling to the next round, so the barrel actualy moves when doing so. Some other gun brand's have a barrel fixed to the frame, and so they stay with the motion of the frame. Gemtech uses a device called the "Linear Inertial Decoupler" to help make the Multimount function on a Glock.

    Here is a quote from Gemtech.
    Hope this helps, and maybe someone with more knoledge can explain it better.
  8. r2kba

    r2kba Relax

    Jun 13, 2000
    South Texas
    575$ is retail. It should NOT cost that much from your dealer.

    You will need a threaded barrel for the glock, which are generally under 150$. Lone wolf has them, and so does gemtech.

    The MM9 does not come with any mounts, just an open end. For the glock you would need the LID with the 1/2x28 end. They are 155$ shipped from gemtech. Guns are still not going to cycle 100%. the LIDs work well, but its not flawless. You would likely need a beretta style action for closer to 100% cycle rate.

    You could use the 1/2x28 thread adapter too, but the gun would never cycle. Those are 50$

    Last edited: Apr 19, 2010