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Discussion in 'GATE Survival & Preparedness' started by Eric, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Victor Rantala (JC Refuge) is the owner of Safecastle LLC -- crisis preparedness provider. Safecastle offers U.S. (and increasingly Canadian) customers with important, unique, and/or necessary survival-related gear and supplies--everything from emergency storage food to steel-plate NBC shelters and saferooms.

    Vic is a military veteran who served overseas, and is the son and father of veterans (son is a disabled vet). He also is an ex-NSA analyst (Cold War era), and a corporate public relations and security consultant. Vic's ongoing objective is to help persuade the public that crisis readiness is a normal, healthy approach to embracing the realities of our modern world.

    Vic's links: - Shelters - Blog - Discount Buyers Club
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