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    I know that I can buy gas checked 10mm bullets from Double tap. I also know that I can buy gas check making equipment from Corbin so that I can produce my own 10mm gas checks. I am wondering if there is any source for ready made 10mm/.401 gas checks. I cast my own bullets for the 10mm and my lead-bullet velocities are limited by the lack of gas checks. Even if I had to have a custom bullet mold built (one that casts bullets well-suited for gas checks) it would be worth it.

    Does anybody know of any sources?

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  2. Taterhead

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    I have been wondering too, but for different reasons. I have a bunch of DT WFNGC bullets minus the gas checks. These were pulled at various times during load development. The lead came out but the gas checks separated and remained stuck in the case. I hate to toss them and thought I might get around to seeing about replacing the gas checks. WAY down on the list of priorities though.

  3. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    You can drive the 10mm 0.401" cast bullets as fast as the jacket pistol stuff if you use quality lube without leading. I use Rooster Lab's Red Zambini on mine with great results. The 156 grain Lyman Devastator HP id have driven to 1400 fps from the S&W 1006 5", slightly slower from the G-29 3.78".

    I cast my own bullets for every caliber I load for and shoot other than rifles, gas checks really are not necessary in most instances for pistols unless driven above 1300 fps.

    I use gas checks for some of my 30 cal, 357 mag and 44 mag rifle rounds as these are slighty above pistol velocities.

    The other thing is finding a gas check mould...I believe SAECO has some but open your wallet wide! Then the cost of adding the gas checks (making them yourself) adds even more to the cost of shooting.

    Best regards!
  4. Bringsteen

    Bringsteen 10mm Shooter

    In my Colt Gold Cup, I get 1400fps with 200grain SWC's using more AA#9 than I care to publish. But the same load does 1480fps in my Ruger Buckeye, and a bit over 1500fps in my early model Smith and Wesson 610. So I am pushing into the velocity range where gas checks are more important. I am using hard-lube now (I just put a heater on the Lubrisizer), but this load is hot enough to vaporize some lead and cause it to condense in the bore.

    If only I shot .44: I could buy 1,000 gas checks any day of the week.
  5. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    Bringsteen, I applaude your wanting the gas check for your applications, and they would be of benifit, having someone like Lyman or Hornady produce them commercially would be great. If you were to go the Corbin route you could actually set your self up with a bullet die to make partial to fully jacketed bullets. I have thought of doing the jacketed bullets myself, but initial set cost and rising cost of materials seems to hold me back. Casting was just the more cost effective way of getting ammo...especially if SHTF. I may add a 200 grain or even 220 grain to my mould selection in the near future but the Lyman 175 gr TCBB and the Lyman 156 gr Devastator HP are my main arsenal for 10mm/40 cal Cast.

    Driving the 200 SWC at those velocities is wild but I prefer to keep things more in line with longevety of the pistol over time and use. I have pushed to 1200 fps with the 200XTP's over Blue Dot and Power Pistol from the S&W 1006 as my defensive loadings and my personal max for this combination. To push the envelope above this could induce unwanted wear and tear on the weapons over the long term. So I continue to do testing and look over new things concerning the 10mm, the 40S&W has sort of kept things centered around the short and weak instead of the perfect 10!

    Good luck with what you decide!
  6. Kegs

    Kegs Ol 8 fingers ;)

  7. The LBT 230 WFN mould I have is meant to be used with .41 cal gas checks available from Hornady. They work fine, the sizing die just makes them a bit smaller. .40 cal GC's are also avaible from Gator Gaschecks but I am not sure what they are used on? I know Veral said his moulds are to be used with .41 GC's so that's what I use.

    In the pic below L to R is a pulled DT 200 WFN (I think it may be an older style?), the 230 WFN I cast in a LBT mould (no lube in the groove) and then a 200 TC cast in a Lyman mould.

    I am still working up loads but at this point I have pushed the 230 WFN (225 grs with hard lead) to 1,050 fps in a stock G20 and 1,150 fps in my 6.5" 610 revolver with 800X. I know I have a bit more room to go and will keep working on it.

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  8. Bringsteen

    Bringsteen 10mm Shooter

    Thanks for the information. It's too bad that Gator Gas Checks doesn't appear to have a website with easy ordering.
  9. I forgot about that, I think the guy is a dentist so it is a side thing for him. There is a poster named Blammer over on the cast boolits forum that does group buys of Gator checks and sells them over there in smaller lots.
  10. I try to avoid gas check in pistol calibres if I can. It's just another step I need to do and it does add to the cost of the bullet. The price for gas checks has gotten a little high.

    If you do need them though, the Gator checks work awesome!!! I've bought some from Blammer on the Cast Boolits forum. He usually runs group buys every so often.

    For you guys going the casting route, check out Cast Boolits. There is a goldmine of info on that site and it's put up by people who've been doing it for a loooonnnng time. They know their stuff.


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