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Garage sale find-Marlin Mod 60

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by mac66, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. mac66

    mac66 Huge Member Millennium Member

    Oct 28, 1999
    Blue Planet
    Ran across a Marlin/Glenfield model 60 at a garage sale this weekend. It was a 1974 version in very good condition. Guy was asking $125.

    As everyone knows the model 60 is the most produced commercial firearm in history. They have been made for over 50 years and there are 15-20 million of them in circulation. They are cheap and certainly not rare. New ones still only cost $150 so a used one, even in good condition is not all that valuable. Everybody who wants one already has one or can buy them new comparatively pretty cheap.

    Twenty years ago you could buy used ones in pawn shops and out of the way gun shops for $20-30. I personally don't think a used one is worth more than $50 even at today's inflated rates. All you newbs, coming up during the last few years are conditioned to pay crazy prices for guns. However, even though I am old, I understand that times have changed so I was able, while biting my lip, to come up and get it for $85.

    I am not really all that big a fan of marlin 60. They are accurate and moderately reliable usually. However, compared to the Ruger 10/22 or even the Marlin 795, they are too long and being tube fed from the front they are awkward to load and reload. Like most budget rifles the sights on them suck. On the other hand they are classics and you can't really have too many 22 rifles.

    The question is what to do with it? I could throw a set of Tech Sights and a sling on it and make it into a training rifle for Appleseed ( Or cut it down and make a shorter bbl survival rifle out of it. I could probably flip it to one of you newbs and make $20-30 off it.

    Here are two of my 60s in the photos. Just a few differences between the older style and newer style. The 74 Glenfield has all in one front sight, mag tube support while the 74 has one screw front sight and a separate dove tail mag support. The 74 has a metal trigger guard as opposed to the 83's plastic one. The trigger guard plate is also longer on the 74 than on the 83. The stock on the 83 is plain hardwood (birch) while the 74 has the pressed in squirrel design. Other than that they are pretty much the same.

    Glenfield 60 top/left, Marlin 60 bottom/right

  2. I would flip it because it would be at a disadvantage as a training rifle at Appleseed with the tube feed.

    Wouldn't shortening it require a lot of work because of tube feed?

  3. mac66

    mac66 Huge Member Millennium Member

    Oct 28, 1999
    Blue Planet
    Just think that tech sights on long barrel (22") like that would be kinda neat. Tube feds are slower to load but not really a disadvantage at Appleseed because you load 11 during the transition stages and eject one to simulate a reload.

    Yes shortening it would require cutting both the barrel and tube but I have friend who would do it for me. He did cut and threaded the one below which I got a chance to play with. It is pretty cool.


  4. Joshhtn

    Joshhtn The eBay Guy Silver Member

    Mar 31, 2009
    Middle Tennessee
  5. ignantmike


    May 14, 2008
    i'd have your friend cut it down.....I think it looks good
  6. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
  7. steve1911


    Jul 12, 2004
    Nice rifle.

  8. skeeter7

    skeeter7 Brass Vulture

    Nov 13, 2010
    Rhode Island
    Have some fun with it. I'd have your friend shorten it.
  9. tango44


    Jun 16, 2005
    Miami Florida
    I remember someone fitted a Trijicon Acog on a Marlin 60!
    Can't fond the pic.
  10. mac66

    mac66 Huge Member Millennium Member

    Oct 28, 1999
    Blue Planet
    Another use for an old mod 60 is to convert the barreled receiver into a long barrel mod 795 which is the detachable mag version. What most people don't know is that the receivers are identical, only the fed mechanism is different.

    In other words you can pull the guts out of 795 and put them into a mod 60. Since the older 60s had 22" bbls and the 795 has an 18" bbl, doing so gives you a long barrel 795. I took an old beater and did just that.

    795 w/tech sights on top. Mod 60 with 795 guts on bottom.


    A tube fed 60 with a detachable mag...


    And with the tube and sight removed giving me a long barreled 795.


    That rifle had a scope on it for awhile until I had that barrel cut and threaded. Same barreled upper cut and threaded to 16" with a beater wood stock I also cut down and am refinishing to make into 4" shorter compact/youth rifle.

    Last edited: Jun 21, 2013
  11. wirenut


    Nov 22, 2008
    Just picked a 75 C for 80 bucks sweet little guns.
  12. mac66

    mac66 Huge Member Millennium Member

    Oct 28, 1999
    Blue Planet
    Here is kind of a cool mod you can do to the tube fed marlins. I stopped by the guy's house who made the short 60 the other day. He said, take a look what I did.

    He turned the mag tube toward the barrel so all you have to do is lay cartridges along it and it will slide right into the loading port. The loading port on the short 60 is right at the end of the stock so the stock acts as a stop. You could use your thumb as a stop on the longer barrel ones.



    Works with speed loaders also.
  13. gooffeyguy


    Jan 13, 2013
    St. Louis, MO
    I still have my Marlin Glenfield model 60 that my dad bought me for my 15th birthday. It's an early 80's model and has the squirrel carvings and a 4x scope. My 12yr old is learning to shoot on it now.

    I do like the look of that short barrel modification your friend does. I would probably do that to it, an maybe modify it to take detachable mags
  14. ls

    ls Millennium Member

    May 14, 1999
    Can you take the barrel from a model 60 and but it on a 795?
  15. mac66

    mac66 Huge Member Millennium Member

    Oct 28, 1999
    Blue Planet
    Yes you can. Barrels are pinned on and will interchange if you are thinking of buying a 60 barrel off of ebay or somewhere.