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Discussion in 'Gun-Parts & Access.' started by GlocksterPaulie, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. GlocksterPaulie

    GlocksterPaulie Perfectionist


    I have been contacted by several members here about the GAP plates for the mini Glocks. I use to be a dealer with Lane at Concealable Control, like many people here I have tried to contact him. I have sent him several emails and left messages on his voice mail over the past several months and wanted to order a few dozen of the GAP'S, I have not had a reply back to any of my messages.

    I don't know what is going on with Lane's company he makes an excellent product and I hope he will continue to offer his product to the public.


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  3. JoeG19

    JoeG19 1965

    Thanks. A lot of us have been wondering. If something happens, please post. - 'ole joe :cool:

  4. If you only have his business website email address you will never get a response. When your website goes down your email address also goes down. I sent him a letter to the PO Box last week and I am waiting for a reply. I will let eveyone know.

  5. I also am looking for the baseplates. I will let you know if I contact him. As you know, his website is down.
  6. texLJ

    (originally posted Tuesday, 22 April, by me) I have GREAT news on this subject! I just got off of the phone with Lane Pughe. They are still in business, the floorplates are available, and he told me I could order two more by mail with a M.O. as I did before, and they expect to have the web site up and running within a week!

    I think this will be great news for a lot of you subcompact owners out there. I had only the original two I'd ordered, am about to buy my own 27 to have instead of borrowing my wife's, and want to get some more.


  7. That is great news...I'd like to pick up a few for my G27 also...let us know..or do you have a number where I can call?
  8. texLJ

    I'm sorry, it would be a betrayal of confidence to give out the number. I DO know that they won't take phone orders. When they get their new web site up you can order there, or you can send an order with a money order, as I did, if you want to trust them. When the web site was up last, they had an order form which could be filled out, copied, and sent with the MO. This time, I simply wrote them a letter with the needed information for an order, included the MO, and sent it to them. Right now, if you go to their web site, they have it back up, with the message that a brand new site is being constructed:

    If you want to order by letter, I can give you the amount of money to send per pair, broken down to include the shipping (works for ordering up to two sets, I think), and the info to include. However, I know that most seem to want to order from the web site, and I really believe it'll be up and running soon.

    But if you want the info for a letter order, just let me know.

  9. Nine MM

    Nine MM I carry.

    I have no problem sending a check and a letter... Can you PM the info to me. Thanks!
  10. The Pontificator

    The Pontificator Angry Samoan

    As of today his site is back up and running
  11. I placed an order last wednesday or so from the website and received a pair of the baseplates for my g27 saturday. Very cool product!
  12. Nine MM

    Nine MM I carry.

    My emails to them, at the address on their site, are being returned as undeliverable:dunno: Anyone email them recently?
  13. texLJ

    I wanted to add my latest input on this...

    I had sent a money order with a letter ordering two more of the floorplates some time ago, as I had mentioned here. Had heard nothing. When I read the post by jdncsu that he'd ordered on the web site last week and already received his floorplates, I called Lane this morning and left the message that I'd sent in an order by mail nearly four weeks ago, and hadn't heard anything.

    This evening he sent me an e-mail, apologizing for my letter having been misplaced, and that my floorplates were in the mail today. He said they'd been having trouble with the e-mail site listed on the web page, and hoped to have it fixed soon.

    Clearly, they are set up to handle online orders, and have problems with letters such as the one I sent. I feel that my call will prompt him to check his mail more carefully and, if any others of you have sent an order as I did, I'll bet it has now been found, and will be handled soon, if not already as I write this.

  14. Nine MM

    Nine MM I carry.

    Thanks for the update. Any suggestions if we don't get our orders soon? Like in another week? Can't call because there is no phone number listed on their site. Can't email because their email is still down. I sent my order in on May 7th and, while I sincerely appreciate your updating us, I would like to know that my order has been located and is being filled. Is their number listed somewhere?
  15. Got mine in the mail today. They are pretty nice. I was surprized at how fast and accurate my follow up shots were being I was use to shooting with the pearce extention on.
  16. revel8

    revel8 hedgehog

    if i were to order these, one of my mags has the +2 on there, so do i need any new internal parts ? the +2 has a different positioned hole so I am guessing yes, wondering if anyone can tell me the part #, thanks. and where to get them.
  17. I guess my basic question is, why don't they staff their business if they are in fact in business! Most businesses have a phone number and an email where your emails get answered! I sent an email over a week ago to this Lane person and still no response! I too would like to buy some of these but I want to talk to a real person to give me Credit Card info to and not post it on the internet for the whole world to view! I really like the way they look on a mag/gun and will eventually wind up with a set or two for my G26 I hope!

  18. texLJ

    They are a very small, home run operation, and both the father and the son have full time jobs. So they don't have the money for a full time staff. So I guess, you want to do business with them, you'll have to do it their way.

    That said, they produce a product that is very unique, has a very limited market, and is of great value to most folks owning 26's and 27's.

    I have ordered from them twice now, by sending a money order with ordering information. You can go to their web site, check the "order by mail" option, print the order form, and order like I did. And your credit card info is safe.

    It takes a brave person to enter into a small business in this manner, and I would never fault him for the way he does his business.

    Of course, that's just me, and IMO. :supergrin:
  19. No one is faulting anyone for going into business but the least thing he could do is to answer his emails! If not, he should take the email contact info off of his website! That said, I rest my case!
  20. texLJ

    Didn't realize we were making "cases".

    He's doing the best he can.

    That said, I rest _my_ case.
  21. BustedFlush

    BustedFlush Springy Member

    I ordered from twice in the past, once in 2006, and again in 2007.

    I know their website was down earlier this year, and I don't know what that was all about.

    Anyway, I saw the website was back up, and placed a new order on Saturday, August 23. By Tuesday I got a polite shipping notice by email from Greg Pugh, and on Friday, August 29, the package was in my mailbox.

    I notice the package shipped from NM. I believe they used to be in Oregon. That may have something to do with whatever was ailing this family business.

    I can't think of any Glock accessory I've every bought that was more useful. I'm glad that Greg and Lane are back in business, and I wish them well.


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