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Galco triton kydex iwb holster?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by 1911luver, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. 1911luver


    Aug 31, 2010
    Anyone here have one of these holsters? If so how well do you like it and does it conceal? I see galco makes it this holster for the glock 19/26 and not my 36 will the triton made for the G19/26 fit my G36? I'd like feedback as I'm looking for a inexpensive kydex iwb rig that I can get fast thanks for any help.
  2. Numismatist

    Numismatist 5-Stand!

    Nov 2, 2011
    Coast of Maine
    I have this as one of my holsters. It conceals well; however, it does poke into your lower abdomen a bit in certain positions. I find I have to adjust it throughout the day. YMMV of course depending on body shape, etc.

  3. DannyII


    Jul 25, 2011
    I have one of those for my 26. I use it sometimes.

    Small and light
    Easy to put on/take off
    Pretty inexpensive
    Seems like good quality

    The clip needs the have a "sharper" lip to hold the belt better
    The clip fits "up to" a 1-3/4" belt. So on my 1-1/2" belt, it's loose and allows the gun to shift around a bit.
    Thicker profile than my MTAC because the clip is stacked over the gun
  4. Is there an extra hole in the holster to allow the angle on the clip to be adjusted?

    I noticed on Galco's site, that they offer optional "loops", which I prefer over the clips.
  5. Birddog9

    Birddog9 ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    Jan 18, 2012
    I used to wear one with my 27 before I sold it. Never had a problem.
  6. I use mine for fast trips to the store mostly (quick on off) but, as it turns out, it's much more comfortable than I expected it to be and I've worn it all day a few times. (Usually the VM II gets that duty.) IMO for an off the shelf mass produced holster, it's pretty good. To me it's biggest advantage is that I can slip it on or off in seconds.


  7. Gaucho

    Gaucho Jungian

    Jul 20, 2011
    Great Southwest
    It's a quickie conceal holster. If you want an all day very comfortable IWB, go for the Galco Kingtuk. Bonus, it works with Full/compact/subcompact all in one.
  8. Gperfection


    Sep 27, 2005
    N.E. Colorado
    I have one. It works fine. Your G36 will fit perfectly in the one made for G19-G26.
  9. I have 2.

    Got one for my 17 and used it in IDPA. Was skeptical of the clip. It could hypothetically be changed out for a loop, but haven't seen a loop offered. Anyway, several draw and shoots later, and the clip is no problem. Seems to conceal the 17 well, so then I ordered one for my 26 carry gun. Fits well, is compact, and works. The clip is conveinent.

    I've got other good kydex holsters, and this is thinner material, but seems to be formed well.

    One potential downside is the front sight channel does not go full length, it closes in near the belt. Doesn't seem to affect draw, but I don't know why they did that.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2012
  10. DannyII


    Jul 25, 2011
    Obviously the clip is removable, so I'm puzzled as to why Galco doesn't offer a clip in a 1-1/2" size, or any other size for that matter.
  11. Last edited: Mar 12, 2012
  12. Galco only shows the loops as an extra, and they too are 1.75".

    Blade Tech makes a double "hook" that works well, and you can get them in three sizes. But what are the odds the holes will line up? If its any help, I have a set and the holes look to be 1-3/8" on center. Blade Tech also sells loops that are size adjustable and are individual loops, so you wont have to "match" the hole alignment.


  13. Pred8tory

    Pred8tory Retired Copper Lifetime Member

    Apr 2, 2002
    Metro Cleveland
    High Noon Holsters have a more reasonably-priced line of holsters in both leather and kydex in just about any configuration you could want. Check out the Hidden Ally model for small Glocks. You even have the option to tuck your shirt. I just use it conventionally and it's not coming off the belt.
  14. RJHUB


    Nov 27, 2009
    Yes. I have the one for the 19-26 and use it mostly with the G36. I liked the way is has a positive locking feel when pistol is holstered. Snaps into position. Holds tight.
    It is surprisingly comfortable. Great price. I also use it for putting in console. Quick to put on and off.
  15. Thanks for posting that video. At fist blush, it was looking like something promising, but after seeing that, for the few bucks more, Ill stick with Blade Tech.

    I have a kind of love hate relationship with Galco. I have a couple of their holsters, and love them, where others have driven me nuts. Its bad enough they didnt work out, but they were a costly mistake to boot. Even when you search online and find a "deal", their stuff is still pretty pricey for mass produced items.

    I got one of these as a spare and ended up dedicating it to my one 26. I think Blade Tech has things thought out a little better and allows more options. They have a second hole at the front to allow for a straight drop position if you prefer. I have mine set that way and use it at 1 o'clock or the "appendix" position, and it works well. At the moment, Im using the "hooks", which also work well. All that is visible are those two little nubs, and nothing else shows until the top of the belt.