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  1. the G38 looks pretty similar to a 19 in size

    are they the same dimension?

    if not, what are the available models specific for G38?
    ( for IWB carry)

    I'm kind of an "ole school" guy, so I prefer leather for carry
    I'm not anti-kydex though. my game holsters are kydex.
    So if there's a IWB kydex that's comfortable, I'm not opposed to check it out



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  2. Thx-1138

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    Dimensions of the slide are not the same. The G38 has a wider slide. That means that holsters that work for a G19 might not work for the G38. Leather holsters might have enough give to be usable, but you might 'ruin' it for a G19 - once you go GAP, you never go back.

    G38 holsters are available from many of the major manufacturers. Comp-Tac, Desantis, Galco, Tucker, all should have holsters that you can use.

  3. VERY comfortable...wearing it now

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  4. If you like leather IWB holsters, I suggest the Kramer #3 in horsehide for your G38. I like mine.
  5. A lot of holster for just a little money.

    Fair deal.

    Get a Wilderness belt. to support the holster.

    It is a system gun, holster and a belt.

    The best is the cheapest money spent. Nothing to replace because you bought the best.:wow:

  6. Although not an IWB style holster, I use this Bianchi Ranger Evader OWB holster (size 13) for my G39. It has a positive retention system which is disabled via the small finger-lever. Fits snug against the side and it's almost like it's not there. Excellent gun-glove. And FYI, my G38 also fits the same holster perfectly (with the exception of about a 1/2" sticking out of the bottom) :wavey:

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  7. I have a Comp-Tac paddle holster which is very nice. I also use the standard Glock sport holster which, believe it or not, is very good. I wrap my belt over the Glock holster and it fits very tight. It has good retention, and rides high. You can buy one for every size belt that you own. You can't beat the Glock holster for the money.
  8. I ended up buying a leather holster
    two actually
    1rst was Don Hume IWB....junk
    then bought a DeSantis Speed Scabbard ...MUCH better.
    It's OWB, but rides high and is comfortable

  9. I second the Comp-Tac option. I have several of their IWB holsters for the GAP family, and have been very satisfied. I was carrying a model 38 under a loose tee shirt without any problem.

  10. Once you go GAP you never go back!! I LOVE IT!! You toke the words right out of my mouth!!!
  11. Thought I would post something I tried here ....

    I have a Comp-Tac paddle for my G38 and decided to do a test. I inserted my G19 and G26 in it to see how the fit was. To my surprise they both "snapped" in just like they owned the holster. There was a very small amount of "rock" front to back but the overall retention was the same as if the holster was made for them. The pistols were retained enough that I would be comfortable carrying or taking a class like that.

    Of course, when I tried my G38 in the paddle made for my G19 it wouldn't go at all. I didn't expect it would, but then I didn't expect it to work the other way either.

    I just ordered a VMII for my G38 yesterday and plan to use it for all the above mentioned pistols. I figure I can squeeze in the metal mouthband when the G19 or G26 is riding in it.
  12. legacy38

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    A holster for the GAP that secures on the trigger guard will work for the 9/40 Glocks as well, but there might be some play. I have a Galco Matrix paddle holster that I use at the range just for this reason as it works with all of my Glocks.
  13. I love the search function! This is just what i was looking for. Is there anyone that uses the G38 holster to carry their 19 or 23 at times? I am looking at the CTAC or MTAC I am guessing the CTAC is better if going to carry both since it is Kydex on both sides?

    And input is appreciated.

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