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  1. I have a G36 - I like it just fine - it's my EDC gun - but I'm looking at a G26 and from the Glock site, the G26 looks a bit less than a half-inch shorter, a bit more than a half-inch taller, a bit wider (.08 inch), and almost an ounce lighter.

    Ballistics aside, who else has looked at a G36 versus a G26 and what have you guys seen that I've missed?

    Thanks !

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  2. the slide on the 36 is more the size of the 19/23 but been a .45 it sits different on the frame.

  3. G26S239

    G26S239 NRA Patron

    The 26 is considerably smaller and is my favorite Glock but the 36 is a very nice 45 and is quite comfortable to shoot for such a light 45 ACP. Here is an illustration of height difference.

  4. Thanks for the comparison pic - with the grip for each gun having two finger grooves, aside from the Pearce grip extension, it looks like the front of the grip for the 26 is a bit shorter than the front of the grip for the 36 - am I seeing that correctly?

    And I'm wondering - I use a Pearce +1 on my G36 - if the grip on the 26 is in fact shorter, I'm guessing that I'd need the Pearce PG 2723 for the 26 ("converts the factory model 26 magazine to twelve round capacity"), to make the grip for the 26 about the same as how I have my 36 set up now - make sense?
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    I don't know about the Pearce +2. As I have them configure the G26 is about 1.75" and the 36 is 2.4" grip length thstaafl.
  6. Your 36 is 2.4 inches WITH the grip extension shown in the picture?
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    I was measuring the grip below the trigger guard on both.
  8. I have the 26/w CT Laser and a OWB holster, but mostly I carry it right front pocket in a DeSantis Nemisis. It is reasonably comfortable in the pocket. I have looked fondly at the 36, but, it just seems too close in size the the 19. In .45's I have 2 full size and 1 Combat Commander, so I'm having trouble justifying the 36. Best.
  9. Thanks for your thoughts. I shot my son's G26 the other day, comparing it to my G36 - less kick with the 26, obviously, and it's shorter (length and height), weighs a bit less when loaded, and a bit wider, but not by much - so now I gotta decide what to do - I can use my GSSF benefit to get a NIB G26 for $425 (+tax) here in Dallas - I don't see usde 26s for much less than that - maybe trade the G36 for a G26 - decisions, decisions . . . .
  10. Keep the 36, get a 26
  11. G26S239

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    I agree. :wavey:
  12. Yeah, I'll probably just buy a new G26 Gen 3 with my GSSF discount - $425, +tax unfortunately ($460) - I'm not seeing any used G26s out there that are close to $460 - why buy used when I can get new for less.
  13. I ended up trading a Glock 23 that I don't shoot for a nice Glock 26 - don't know why I never bonded with the G23 - it was the first handgun I bought, but for some reason I just never shot it much - my G23 had a manual (Cominolli) safety that I had added to it, but the guy I traded with didn't mind the safety at all - so now it's off to get some Pearce grip extensions - since the G23 was the only 40 caliber I had, I'll have some ammo for sale.
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  15. Yea yea, this one. MORE is always better!!!!!:supergrin:
  16. I know that if I ever got rid of my G36, I would regret it sooner or later. G36 is awesome. So is the G26. I will never get rid of either.
  17. I have a 36 and 26&27. If glock would offer a 5 round mag there really would be a size difference. I'd be okay with 5 plus one for concealment purposes.
  18. G26S239

    G26S239 NRA Patron

    I have always liked that idea too.
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    I'm not getting rid of my 36. it will always be on my side. I have flirted with the G33 but i can't seem to leave the G36.
  20. My G26 with the +2 mag. is the same height as my G36. The two guns are pretty much the same size. The 36 is a tad longer. The 26 is wider.
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