G36 Upper on a G30/G30SF Frame - Will this work?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by DrlSgt, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. DrlSgt

    I've heard this will work without any other modifications. Can anyone confirm? Also, will it work on both a G30 AND G30SF?

    I just got a G36 recently and sure would love the option of having the thinner slide on a frame that would support more rounds.

    Thanks in advance!


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  3. yes,i carry the hybrid daily,i use a gen 3-g30 non sf frame:wavey:

  4. DrlSgt

    Thank you!
  5. DrlSgt

    Ok, I did it. Bought a G30SF frame and 3 10-round mags. Put my G36 slide on it and taking it out to the range for the first time tonight. Will report back after.

    One thing I noticed - If I load all 10 rounds in the mags, I have to 'slap' them in to get them to lock in place with the slide forward. Without the slide or with slide to the rear, easily fits.

    You experiencing this problem?

  6. Typical tightness of new magazines. I can tell you the 30/36 hybrid is the best Glock and Glock doesn't even produce it "yet". I had a G30 and borrowed my buddy's G36 to try it out. I was very pleased.
  7. DrlSgt

    Have you had any failures firing this hybrid version? I'm hoping it's as reliable as any other (stock) Glock...
  8. DrlSgt

    Any failures/issues to report? Thanks!
  9. Nailz

    I have one and have never had an issue in the hundreds of rounds I have put through it so far....
  10. As strange as it is I have never heard of a failure with the hybrid.
  11. DrlSgt

    Me neither. Can't find anything negative on it. Glad to hear others have heard same!
  12. DrlSgt


    Ok, just got back from the range - 2 boxes of WWB and NOT A SINGLE FAILURE! Needless to say... I LOVE THIS GUN!!!

    Thinking about doing it? GO FOR IT & ENJOY!

    Definitely my new EDC!

    Thanks all!
  13. Thanks for the range report.
  14. When I first started researching/testing & evaluating the Glock .45s, I was extremely impressed with the Glock 30 and its phenomenal accuracy and handling for its size.

    At the time, though, I was wearing suit and tie to work and wanted something I could conceal in all scenarios/all attire, etc., so I went with the Glock 36.

    Though I've had no regrets with the 36, it's not as easily accurate or easily handled as the 30. Small price to pay for an excellent conceal carry .45 auto in the G36-in my opinion.

    I have always found the 10mm to be very intriguing and toyed with the idea of a G29 or G20.

    Well, when I heard that the G29/G36 hybrid was equal to the G30/G36 hybrid as far as the G30 or G29 lower/receiver/frame is concerned, I took a gamble and picked up a G29 to test out the theory.

    I am very happy with the results and now have one pistol that, with the addition of a G30 mag and Lonewolf 10mm to .40 conversion barrel, fires .40 cal., 10mm and .45 very well. (This will also accept the fullsize G21 and G20 mags-and can also be made to fire .357 sig with the proper conversion barrel and additional magazine.)

    *You should have no problems at all with your G30/G36 hybrid. There is rumor that some Glock representatives actually carry the 'Hybrid' as their everyday carry gun and have repeatedly conveyed to Glock all the customer sentiment to build and offer an 'official' model that encompasses all the great attributes of the combined G30 lower and G36 upper. (G30 frame and G36 slide assembly)

    If you ask me, Glock obviously realizes that there is more money to be made in selling 'Both' models to achieve the increasingly popular 'Hybrid.' So, whether they ever come out with an 'official' model of the sort is.....probably unlikely.

    Be safe and Happy Shooting.
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  15. Rick305

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  17. i have called 3 times talked to 3 diff. guys and they act like im from mars?,and why wouldnt they use the gen 4 frame and bypass the regular-sf frame deboggle.:dunno:
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  18. The only reason I could see is because they are not making G36 Gen4 yet so they don't have half of the guns parts.
  19. they have the uppers,and they have the gen4 30 frame.why would they make a 30s-sf and 30s reg frame,i dont believe it at all.:upeyes:
  20. JTSmith

    JTSmith Œgfdrïńëçł

    I tried assembling the hybrid combo and the gun would not RTB without me giving it a nudge. It felt way too tight compared to any other Glock I've handled. I actually tried my 36 slide on my 30 and my 29SF with the exact same results. And just so you know, all 3 of these guns are flawless in their original configuration.

    I think my experience was just an anomaly, as everyone else seems to have good luck with it. Either way, I WANT a factory 30S!
  21. the inside dims are the same on the 30 and the 36 slide.

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