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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by skoro, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. I'm interested in a subcompact 45acp carry piece, and the 36 appears to fill the bill real nicely. I hesitate because I've read online about cycling/reliability issues with this model. Have they been ironed out? Is there a particular generation to avoid in this model?


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  2. No issues to report with my gen3. I read all the same concerns you are probably seeing when researching a year and a half ago. At the time things seemed somewhat ironed out with this model I have not followed the issue since because i have experienced no issues. Good luck.

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  3. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. CanyonMan

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    1600 flawless rounds through my G36, reloads, cast lead, JHP's, FMJ's, you name it. eats them all. Not ONE single issue at all, and excellent accuracy, enough for deer at 50 yds...
    (not suggesting for deer) just saying it's accuracy is plenty fine at that range to cleanly take deer. ;)

    Go get it amigo !

  5. If you shoot Hornady Critical Defense you will have NO problems. If you shoot hardball (230 gr FMJ at about 830 fps), you will have NO problems. If you try to shoot 200 gr lead semiwadcutters, you need to have a super firm grip but they will work. I need to add a little powder next time I reload, they are just too wimpy!

    I also loaded some 230 gr FMJ to match NATO rounds and the gun was flawless. It is spectacular, in fact.

    Like all plastic guns, you have to get ahold of it.

    I put off buying a G36 for a couple of years because of all the complaints. I had a G21SF that worked well. Now I have both and I'm planning on a G39.

    BTW, the G36 is a compact, not a sub-compact. The .45 sub-compact is the G39 and it shoots .45 GAP.

    My preference is to add Talon Grips before I even bother to shoot.

    I REALLY like the gun! I'll be installing night sights in the near future.

  6. Had one since 2001, been flawless.
  7. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Man I shoot every kind of hollow point (almost) out there through mine with no issues. If it will shoot GD' s it will shoot anything...

  8. I have not had any issues with my Gen 3 36. I actually qualified better with it then my 19 for my permit. I ran all kinds of ammo too, misc rounds found in my old truck, factory ball, and JHPs with no issues.
  9. There is only one generation available on the G36, and that is the Gen 3. Mine works flawlessly. Great pistol.
  10. If you're looking for a true subcompact, I think you'll find the G36 a bit large. :dunno:
  11. This.

    XDs or G39.
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  12. hi-power man

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    I have over 6000 rounds of many types FMJ and many rounds of several types JHP's with no issues. I've had no issues with any components of the unit. I also have a 36 which I inherited, which has over 2000 rounds thru it with no issues.
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  13. ede

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    From ROing many GSSF matches I've seen shooters have more problems with the G36 than all other Glocks combined. When you factor in how seldom you see a G36 at a GSSF match that's pretty significant.
  14. Rick305

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    Isn't the G39 slightly larger ?
  15. As i stated above, mine is flawless. i should have added that when my friend shoots it he always jams it with a stove pipe if i recall correctly. He does not grip it properly. This same friend also would jam my G27 that i used to own. He shoots his 9mm Glocks without jams.
  16. I think, but could be wrong, that it has a fat slide, just like that of the G30.
  17. DO IT! :thumbsup:

    G19 vs G30.... Your G36 slide will be the size of the G19 pictured on the left.

    Other than that it depends whether you want the single or double stack mag for the fatty .45 ACP.
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  18. Than what?

    According to Glock, the 'overall' width of the G39 is the same as the G36.

    The G21 and G30 have fat slides. The guns are 0.09" wider, overall, than the G36 or G39.

    In fact, the G36 and G39 are the same width as the G17 or G26.

  19. Not really. The 36 is something like .05 inches narrower than a G26. When it comes to the .45 GAP guns (37, 38, 39), their frames are the same as the G17 however the slide is thicker like the G20/21/30 guns. This is why the GAP guns require different holsters from G17 type guns.

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  20. G39 is smaller but wider.
    Same frame as the G26/27/33. The slide is the same width as the G30's. As wide as the widest part of the /26/27/33 frame.

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