G36 in G19 Holster???

Discussion in 'Thin to Win - G36 Club' started by tuica, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Greetings...Just came from a local, well-respected gun store. I was bemoaning that the G36 has a limited array of quality leather holsters available for OWB carry. The clerk then demonstrated (with one of their pistols) how it would fit in a Galco Concealable modelled for a G19. Have to admit it worked pretty well. Any one have any experience with this, and/or other holster brands? Also, just paid $23 for a box of Golden Sabers, for those keeping track....Cheers

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  3. There are several holsters made for other Glocks that the 36 will fit into.
    I use a DeSantis Speed Holster that was made for a G22.
    I have a Don Hume that was made for a G23 that fits well.
    My Supertuck which is made for a 21 holds it but it is not tight.
    What ever holster you find, be sure to try a 36 in it before you buy it.

  4. 1drt

    1drt Senior Member

    I purchased a Serpa level 2 for a G27 and my 36 fits fine. :supergrin:
  5. Mine does not fit comfortably in my G23 holsters... they go in just hard enough to make me worry.
  6. Thanks for the info. Also wanted to post that I picked up a used Glock Sport/Combat synthetic holster for $10. G36 fits looser that G19, G23 etc., and for the money, a great little rig.
  7. Nice! Video on the site is very informative! Black t-shirt is always good at hiding 'stuff'. thanks for link!
  8. ETBass

    My Desantis Sky Cop fits both the G19 and G36 perfectly, and says so on the package.
  9. The trigger guard on the 36 is slightly thicker than the 19. Other than that, they should interchange with most holsters well. I use a Galco Summer Comfort II designed for a G19. It is tighter than the 19 and the 36 sits slightly higher in it, but retention is perfect and the trigger is completely covered. The center of gravity is a bit higher with the 36 in it.
  10. Thanks for all of your info. Did not know about thicker trigger guard. Still deciding on leather holster, and still using Glock Sport/Combat...what a deal!
  11. I have been thinking about a Don Hume J.I.T. slide. Anyone have any experience with one made to fit the G36?
  12. I've been thinking about a Galco Summer Comfort as well. what's the "Summer Comfort II?" I did a search and couldn't find anything on it, do they have 2 different models?

    so the one desgined for the G19 will be the closest fit for the G36, right? I've seen a few used ones for around $40, guess it wouldn't be a big gamble if it doesn't fit right.
  13. anybody have experience with the Galco Royal Guard? looks like a nicer version of the Summer Comfort. wondering if it's worth the extra $35.
  14. FYI..I compared the trigger guard thickness of the G23 against the G36, and they seened to be the same. Now, I did use a tape measure, not a micrometer, so who knows? The 36 does not want to go easily into a Galco Concealable made for a G23, even though Glock claims the 36 is thinner than the 23. Perhaps the 36 is bulkier from top to bottom on slide front. A lot of comparing and guesswork. Cheers
  15. I went with the Bianchi "Covert Option" designed for models 19/23/32 instead.
    I wanted all leather. I hate kydex.

    got it for $59 with free shipping from www.opticsplanet.com (awesome price!)
    looks a lot nicer than the Galco Summer Comfort.
    I like how the belt loops are offset instead of right on top of the gun.
    and also, the suede area with cutout where the belt goes to reduce thickness.


    it's scheduled to be delivered by UPS today, I'll report back after some use.
  16. I have a bunch of Summer Comfort models and a few Royal Guards. The Royal Guard is horse hide and supposed to be tougher. It definitely feels tougher. It is smooth on the inside while the summer comfort is rough. The belt loops are also removable and come in different sizes. It feels slimmer too. The Royal Guard seems like it will last longer and keep its shape better, but I have not come close to wearing out a summer comfort model yet. They cost about $65 in my area while the Royal Guard is about $125, so I usually buy the Summer Comfort model.

    I think the Summer Comfort and the Summer Comfort II are actually the same thing. I'm not sure.

    I also have a Scout II. If you wear a lot of stuff on your belt, that might be a better idea because of the angle.
  17. I have been able to reuse a lot of my holsters surprisingly.
    I had a Glock 22 first, then went to a Glock 19, now I have a Glock 36.
    All of them fit nicely in my IWB/OWB Desantis, and my Desantis pancake.
    I gave up on my Fobus garbage.
  18. I just received my Quik Clip from Crossbreed. I'll give a report on it after a couple weeks.
    Its made for a 36 though.
  19. For what is worth, even though I don't have a 36, but soon will (1911 is going by by). I have a Milt Sparks VM2 made for a G17 that I carry my G19 in. For jollies I went to the gun shop locally and the 36 will fit, though a little tight.
  20. Thanks tac....

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