G36, How do I get the bed liner off the gun?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by PickwickDamCop, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Ok guys, I am buying this Glock 36 from a buddy. He bought it in it’s current condition and has had it about two years. I have shot it a few times and like the size with the reduction but hate the texture. How do I get the bed liner off the gun so I can clean it up for a new texture? The trigger guard was done well but the grip area is a little jacked up.


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  2. You could use some sand paper to smooth out the current texture some, then retexture. A delicate hand and a dermel tool will make it go a little faster.

  3. If it is actual bedliner material, it may pick off with a sharp instrument- find an edge and start cleaving. If it is the actual polymer, just stipple on top of it. Hope you got a bargain.
  4. Paul53

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    Just a thought, maybe dip in boiling water to soften it up?
  5. Arc Angel

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    If it were mine I'd send it to Lane @ Cold Bore Customs. By the way, I'm positive that, 'aesthetic abortion' can be fixed.


    (After watching what GT's, 'Genin' can do with a soldering iron, I don't think there's anything on a Glock's frame that can't be skillfully resurfaced. Ya just got have a little experience and know how.)
  6. sand it smooth and put an A-Grip on it.

    I hope you are not paying for the miscarriage

    but are getting a considerable reduction--in price.
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  7. You can save your pennies and cut up a bicycle innertube to cover it up-- great bubba grip-- and be done.

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