g36 ejection problem

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  1. I love my G36 its my edc it runs great but one thing bugs the heck out of me. I t throws brass clear but all over the place 3 O'Clock 3 to 10 feet away to 6 O'Clock 5 to 15 feet away. It bugs me because I reload and save the brass. It throws them so high I can shoot a steel target ,watch the hit and turn my head in time to see the brass hit.Makes it hard to concentrate on shooting. I tried filing a little of the extractor shelf like it says in the sticky but no change. Is there anything I can do to try to get them to land in a smaller area,or is that as good as it gets.

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  2. No answer here, but good luck with this situation. Mine seems to toss the brass in pretty much the same general area. Cheers.

  3. STOP watching the brass and concentrate on the target; worrying about the brass during practice is known to get one killed in real world conditions.

    Sorry I cant help with your issue but please pay attention to the above statement!
  4. What about trying to tune the ejector by filing a little of the end. A few passes at a time then shoot a few rounds and try again. I have a spare ejector so if it doesn't work I'm still good.

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  5. You could try a replacement extractor, they have widely varying specs and you may have gotten a bad one. But the ejection may be just as bad with the replacement.

    For ejector tuning, try not to reduce the overall length of the ejector. You'd just want to reprofile the tip to have more of an upward face with a slight face to the right toward the ejection port. JBarbaresi did it successfully with a 336 9mm ejector. In all pictures the left is factory unaltered, the right is reprofiled.
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  6. Just fixed my problem. I did just like in the picture filed a little shot 3 rounds filed a little, shot 3 more till I got them to hit a 3 foot circle at 4 o'clock about 4 feet from my right foot.thanks for the help guys.

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  7. That's not a problem. FTE's are a problem. Be thankful that your ammo is powerful enough to eject brass far enough away in the right direction and not in your face.

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