G30sf added to the family!!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by tonyparson, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. I found a sweet deal on a G30sf with night sights so I decided to add it to the Glock family. This would be my first G30 so is there anything I need to know about them? So far after 100 rounds fired through it, it shoots 100% like the rest of my Glocks..:supergrin:

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  3. Congratulations!!!!! I have a G30 that has had over 1k rounds fired accross a wide assortment of ammo. Not a single error. Also, I can't believe how accurate the G30 is (for me). I've heard lots of folks saying how well the G30 family shoots, but I was a "yeah...sure" kind of guy until I bought one and saw for myself.

    Let us know how your's shoots for you.

  4. Bruce M

    A great choice!
  5. Congrats on the new G30! Go grab some 9-round magazines for carrying while they are still available.
  6. Congrats! :cool:
  7. Congrats on the G30sf.
  8. Congrats! My G30 is the softest shooting .45acp I've ever owned. It digests every brand of ammo I have put through it. I'm sure you will be happy with yours. For concealed carry I roll with a 9rnd. mag and a G21 spare magazine.
    Here's mine.
  9. cangler

    cangler Republican!!

    To those who have shot the 30sf/30 and the 36, how do they compare?
  10. Congrats on your new G30SF, love mine its my EDC have prob close to 2000 or more rounds down range with it and no issues... love it..
  11. I love my G30sf.
  12. I own the 30sf, but have also shot the 36. Felt recoil and my ability to make fast followup shot were about the same with both pistols.
    I have large hands, so I like the G30 myself.
  13. robhic

    robhic WOLVERINE!!!!
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    Me too!!! I traded a friend my G17 with extra mags for a NEW G30sf (he has a FFL...). I originally said a G30 but the 'sf' was what was sent from the distributor. Is plain G30 no longer available?

    I'm not sorry, but the slide lock is SO hard to access. I already had had a new, extended lock ordered and it arrived today so I swapped it out ASAP. So far I like what I see. I have 3 more 10 rd mags on order for total of 5.

    This could be fun.... :supergrin:
  14. I love my 30 sf . I pick up my 30 Gen 4 tommorrow. Good luck with your new 30 you will love it.
  15. Congrats!:cool: If you can find some 9 round mags, give them a try.
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  16. Thanks guys I just order some 9 round mags and a crossbread holster for it.
  17. Very nice! Congrats!
  18. They shoot about the same to me as well. The G30 is just a fat hog and the G36 feels more like a true Glock.
  19. Very nice! If I was in the market for a G30 the SF would be it. Congrats!!
  20. Excellent choice! Congrats.:cool:

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