G30S. What's the big deal causing the high prices?

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by domin8ss, May 7, 2013.

  1. Tailhunter

    Tailhunter Glockman

    I understand filling the niche but at the prices that I've seen ....

    again I reiterate .... "A fool and his money"

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  2. You are gonna have gouging as long as there is less supply than demand , thats not Glocks fault , but as far as going to the 45 GAP , I havent seen any Gap ammo anywhere in months where as I can find .45 acp pretty regular around my area anyways. might as well carry a club.

  3. Yes, prices are way height on some guns, ammo, reloading supplies etc. if you can find anything. And people keep buying at these inflated prices it’s going to stay high. But hopefully in about 6 months, prices should come back down. And supplies showing back up on the shelves.
    But as long as Obama and the Democrats keep crying wolf and people keep running up the hill. The inflated prices will be with us a lot longer.
  4. mrsig

    mrsig mrsig

    I guess I got lucky too. My LGS got 2 amd I bought one for $535. Went back a week later and the second one was still there so I bought it as well for $535 and had two 30S's with consecutive serial numbers. Now we have father and son models.

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