G30s vs. G30sf

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by nvsteve, May 22, 2013.

  1. Made up my mind to buy the sf until I read some reviews of the new 30s. The new one is difficult to find and getting premium prices. I can get an almost new Gen 3 sf for about $500 while the 30s is selling for list plus. Have any of you fired both? Is there a significant enough difference to get the 30s?

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  3. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    I've owned a G30SF for several years and have tested the G30S with 150 rounds fired.

    My thoughts about the G30S are posted here: The New Glock 30S - Pros and Cons

  4. MarcDW

    MarcDW MDW Guns
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    The question is, do you want a shooter or CCW gun?
    While if you look for a shooter, you are better off with a 21.
  5. I have both. I like the feel of the 30s better. Shooting vs. carrying the 30sf is a better range gun. I am keeping my 30sf to use in gssf.

    If it is for ccw get the 30s. If it is for fun doesnt matter which one.
  6. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

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  7. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    I agree with the thoughts before...

    if it is *primarily* for CCW, the G30S might be better as it's slightly slimmer.
    If you want to shoot it alot... the G30SF would probably be better.

    I've not shot a G30S personally, but read many who say the lighter slide & RSA combination of the G30S makes for a snappier and less pleasant recoil.

    I loved my G30SF, but had to sell it. :crying:
  8. when I was faced with the choice and had both in front of me for about the same price I choose the 30sf and glad I did. that gun just plain shoots great. the slide is not that big of an issue for carrying and the frame and grip are the same thickness. its the thick grip that makes the gun feel thick.
  9. Thanks all for the replies.
  10. I've had and shot both. I just like the 30S better for my needs.
  11. The 30S is noticeably thinner and most importantly about 5 ounces lighter. That makes a big difference in a pocket all day. My new 30S with a 9 round mag, has replaced my little Springfield XDS .45 in my front pocket, as the Glock is actually lighter while carrying 4 extra rounds. The height is approximately identical with the 9rd mag, and the length is only about 1/2" longer. Best of all, the reloads are 13rd G21 mags. :)
  12. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    The G30S weighs 3.53 oz. less than the G30SF or G30 Gen4. With a full 10-rnd mag in the pistols, the G30S weighs ~10.5% less overall (30.16 oz vs. 33.69 oz). Many will like that the most about the G30S.
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  13. I'm searching for a .45 Glock compact and currently own the G36 (which I like quite a ot but would like the extra capacity).

    The only differrence I can see is that the G30S is a bit lighter, and has a barrel height that is 2/3rd of the G30SF and G36(so, maybe less muzzle flip) and is a bit thinner at the slide.

    The objective differences are almost vanishngly small (except perhaps the barrel height). So what are the subjective differences or is there something that is not evident in the published specs that makes them different??
  14. basically the G30S is a G36 slide and barrel on a G30sf frame. I'm not sure you posted the correct model numbers in your post and I'm not sure what you mean by barrel height:wavey:.
  15. DrBob, I have carried both guns many thousands of hours, and I know that the measurements on paper do not differ much, but with a flush fitting 9 round mag, in a front pocket all day long, the difference, particularly in width and weight is the difference between the gun being an almost unpocketable brick that seems to weigh my pants down on one side, to being so comfortable to carry that I sometimes forget it's there. The measurements may not be that different, but it just "feels" and carry's a lot different. Hope this helps, Mick
  16. To put a 10.5% difference in perspective........ Some may not think they would notice the difference, but if someone woke up tomorrow morning 10.5% shorter, I'm fairly sure they would notice, lol. That's going to bed 6' tall, and waking up under 5'5", lol!..... It's all in the perspective.
  17. The barrel height is the distance between the bottom of the beaver tail and the top of the barrel. The greater the BH, the more flippy the gun is likely to feel.
  18. between the two they should be the same.
  19. The reduced barrel height does seem to make a difference. Overwhelming? No, but it does seem to compensate for the almost 4 oz weight reduction of the slide. The felt recoil seems to be more of a push into the hand.
  20. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    Don't be surprised if one or more of the barrel heights listed on the website are inaccurate. The barrel height for the G30S and G30 Gen4 are both listed at 20mm, yet the barrel height of the G30SF and G36 are listed at 32mm. Something is fishy with these numbers. It wouldn't be the first error on the website. The unloaded weight of the G30S and G30SF are both listed at 575 grams on the website which is an obvious error.

    Having shot the G30SF, G30S and now the G30 Gen4, I'm certain the G30S has no mechanical advantage to reduce recoil or muzzle rise, quite the opposite.
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  21. The numbers on the website may be inaccurate, I have seen several errors there myself. But it is quite evident that the bore axis is slightly lower on the 30S compared to 30/30SF. If you don't feel there is an advantage to that, that is your opinion.

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