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  1. I traded for a 3rd Gen G30SF recently. The previous owner had installed a Ghost Rocket 3.5# connector and a G21 trigger bar. What would it take to return the gun to stock?:dunno:
  2. You live in Georgia. If you are close enough to the Mother Ship take it there and they will make it stock.

  3. DOH!! Wish I would have thought of that!
  4. Why get rid of the G21 trigger bar? The one mod I made to my G30sf was replacing the stock serrated trigger with a smooth faced one for the G21.
  5. barth

    barth six barrels

    Replace said parts with OEM???

    Glocks are ridiculously easy to work on.
    And there are instructional videos all over the net.
    ANYBODY can do it, really.
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