G30 bullets fail to expand?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Andy W, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Also remember that breaking the skin requires more penetration than it's thickness would seem to indicate. I recall reading from a respected expert that it was the equivalent of 4" of bare ballistics gel penetration to get through the skin.

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    Really. How much expansion is needed when the bullet is already at .452 inches? The 9mm strives hard to expand to .45 caliber. :cool:

  3. Not with modern ammo. 9mm JHPs can easily expand to greater than .50 caliber, with .60" not being uncommon and some instances of .70" in 147 grain HSTs. However, the best .45 JHPS can reach .8" with > .9" not being unheard of.

    Also, a FMJ wound channel will not be the same diameter as the bullet that made it. They close in on themselves and will probably look more like an ice pick wound. With an FMJ or unexpanded bullet (even expanded ones sometimes), it will be next to impossible to tell what caliber bullet made the wound just from looking at the hole. I've read several reputable sources, including Mas Ayoob that verify this. It's not like on TV where the detective arrives at the crime scene takes one look at the body and says "Yep, they got him with a 9mm" or "holy ****, that's a .45."
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    It looks like this guy got expansion! :cool:
  5. More expansion is nice but the diff really is getting a bullet to crush tissue & not just push it aside. Given that RNFMJ are like making small, semi sealing puncture wounds, I would take a 9mm that only expands to 45 cal vs a 45 RNFMJ. The perm wound will be larger, damage more tissue, greater/faster blood loss, quicker end to the fight.
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    That's right - crush it. FMJRN just pushes it aside. That is why I will never rely on FMJRN for defensive purposes.
  7. HST's work fine from the short barrel.

    I also didnt have any complains of recoil with the HST +P's that I carried in my G30 when I had it.
  8. I's also seen several .45ACP and 10mm ammo tests where the bullet hit 1" expansion.
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  10. I have several cases of 9MM +P & +P+ that was purchased back when I was a NOOB and figured that more was power was always better.

    Now - I care more about rapid & accurate shot placement than more power.

    I can shoot follow up shots - faster & more accurately with standard power loads then I can using +P loads.

    I am sure some guys can shoot both the same - and if you can GREAT. I thought the same thing until I did a few timed drills - and the stop watch proved me wrong.

    I will from now on be sticking with standard power loads out of my .45 ACP.

    The current HP technology seems to get good expansion even out of short barrel guns.

    Strange that a few times when I went to buy some Federal HST loads (on line) the standard power loading COST MORE than the +P cartridges. I can only guess that there must be more people buying the +P. :dunno:

    I paid the extra $1 to get standard loads. YMMV
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    Kindly let us know if you ever want to sell off any of the +p or +p+ 9mm rounds.
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  12. I stuck the full cases in my "deep" rainy day SHTF TEOTWAWKI storage - (back of the spare bedroom closet:upeyes:).

    Hope someday I can use it to teach my (as of now - unborn) grand-kids how to shoot.

    Sad that some of this PREMIUM ammo cost me less than steel case FMJ WM crap does now. :wavey:

    Or if the economy goes to hell maybe I can trade it for food.
  13. Lack of penetration was most likely due to the 185gr weight. 185gr and below in .45 acp are notorious for lack of penetration due to reduced sectional density. Stick to 200gr and above.
  14. See my recent post in this forum "200 grain (generic?)"

    This was a hand loaded generic JHP (or similar) fired from my G38 with a 4.02" barrel. G30 is 3.78"; 0.24" less.

    I'd had my doubts as this was stuff I picked up at my Local Gun Store for reloading. But it looks pretty effective. GD & Ranger HAVE TO be better than that.

    I seriously doubt your G30 would lose that much velocity in that 1/4 inch less barrel. If you have doubts, try HP designed for "Short Barrels".

    Do Gold Dot or Ranger T come in "Short barrel" loadings?:dunno:
  15. I know Gold Dot has the "short barrel" loading in 230gr. .45acp. The test I seem to recall always being mentioned about that round is 14" and 3/4".
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    Excellent understanding of the problem. Many folks don't understand the importance of SD.
  17. when comparing expansion of calibers in gel many need to concider with frontal shots on people you probably have a 60% chance of hitting or clipping bone.
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    Thanks. I was going to ask about the G30 barrel length. :cool:
  19. I like the 200gr XTP in the G30. The 230gr XTP do well also accuracy wise, but I just have a personal preference for the 200gr.

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    I'd get some CorBon 185gr JHP +p rounds. They will expand coming out of a G30.

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