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  1. So I am in the Market for a G29 and want a rail. I see some gen 3s with and some without. What is the deal on this? Did some just not come with them? Will it determin age? Ie earlier gen 3s did not have them and later ones did, etc? Just looking for a little info. I really want a gen 4 but cant find one. Im out of Eds shipping zone...

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    ^^^ This, if it followed the same progression as the G30 frame (same frame as G29).

    Judging from the Glock Serial Number Research Project, it appears the G30 45ACP starting showing up with an accessory rail around June, 2005 with a serial number prefix of HGM.

    The first entry in the database for a G29 specifically mentioning a rail is serial number HXN*** with a Born On Date of 2006-02-01 (Yr-Mn-Dy)

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  4. Awesome. Thanks for the info.

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