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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by blastfact, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Are the chambers in current production 29's as sloppy loose as the one in my never shot useless OEM G20?

    I would really like to pickup a new 29SF in the next few weeks. But If I'm going to have to go buy a new barrel for it. I may well pass on it and get a Shield or M&P9C.

    I still have my 9x25 project to kick off. And it's barrel will be bought.

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  3. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    The chamber on my G-29 FS (not SF) 3rd gen is fairly well supported...

  4. I do recall seeing a post on here with different OEM barrels over the years and how chamber support has gotten progressively better.
  5. My TAN-xxx G29SF has seen some stout loads through it and nary a problem. Slight bulge but nothing too crazy. I'm happy
  6. Well,,, I thought I had read that the G29 Chamber seemed to be a tad tighter than the G20 Chambers. 3rd Gen that is.

    Yes I would agree the 3rd Gen Chambers have more support than 1st and 2nd Gens. But there still sloppy loose beyond sanity. My OEM G20 Chamber is awful in my opinion. I can put a piece of shot / fire formed brass out of my LW Barrel in and it still rattles around in the near worthless OEM G20 Chamber. Theres .010+" slop in that useless chamber.

    None of my semi auto pistol's have a chamber as sloppy as my G20's OEM chamber. Not a one. Thus why I've never shot the crap barrel.

    I just hate having to go out, buy a G29 and order a barrel for it cause Glock has some whacked out euro trash spec and design theory. I didn't mind it to much for the G20. But that was still money need not be spent if Glock just did it right to start with.
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  7. Glock has carried over the reliability thought into all their weapons. Yes the chambers are loose. Yes the newer gen 3 weapons have better support for the critical pressure ring area. Tight or match barrels are just that. Reliability with "all" loads will indeed suffer. You will have to tune your loads for your particular weapon. Bullet ogive and profile are a big contributor to reloading very feed-able ammo.

    Some of us actually like the pursuit of working up loads. :)

    Anyway think about what you want, better brass support for hotter loads or a tight match chamber for target shooting or a little of both. I don't know if Barstow is still making barrels or not. They would be the guys to talk to. These tubes are not cheap but they are among the very best!
  8. These are very different from a nine mm. Not sure why that would be your next choice. M&P 9 has its own set of issues as well. Factory trigger is nothing like that of a Glock.
  9. I have a KKM barrel for my G20. There might be a tiny bit less bulge from this barrel when loading max loads, but the difference is not enough for me to take the time to swap barrels from stock these days. I shoot all my loads (hot and not) through my stock G20SF and G29SF barrels. Both guns are pretty recent manufacturer (last year or so). I get slightly better accuracy from my stock barrels. I do run a 22lb ISMI captive RSA on my G20. The G29SF came with the newer style Gen 4 RSA, works perfectly regardless of load levels I throw at it, the slide has never contacted the frame on my G29SF, regardless of load level.
  10. Do you have a kkm for the 29sf as well? how does it fare with accuracy? i had been thinking about getting one due to how my stock barrel is a bit wild with hard cast bullets.
  11. I don't, just the G20.

    I sure hope people don't misinterpret my posts about KKM. I think they make a fine product, I have just found in my circumstance the stock barrels work fine.
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  12. gator378

    gator378 Gator378

    Barstow still going. My G20 has the Barstow and as soon as I save up the money it will get a 6inch Barstow. Never has a problem or a smiley and I load 200 grains close to 1200 fps.
  13. my stock barrel seems to do well for everything but hardcast. with hardcast 200gr DT, it's all over the place.
  14. I have a 1.5, or 2nd gen, and a almost new 3rd, and neither bulge brass, like my early, and SF, model G20's did! Hope that helps. Oh, and FWIW, there is no way in " h, e," double toothpick, I'd buy a shield or M&P over a G29!!!!!!!!!! I liked my first 29 so much I bought a second!:wavey:
  15. I have a M&P 9mm Talo and a .45 FS. There great pistols! The triggers can be delt with very easily with a stone. The grit some have can be taken out with a fine fiber wheel. At no cost to the shooter if they have the simple tools and skill set to do it. None of mine unlock early. They have good guide rods and springs in them. The only things they seem not to do well is look ugly, have a trigger reset like a kids clicker toy. And the brass does not make a resizing die wish it was David Copperfield. :dunno:
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  16. I see nothing wrong with a Shield or 9c. Well other than there not 10mm's. :)

    I would love to have a shield in 10mm! But oooo would the cry baby's whine over hand pain. :cool:
  17. My brand new G29 has a very loose chamber. I just tried some underwood 180g JHP and every round had the glock smiley.
  18. If I'm going small 9, it will be smaller than those two, first of all, and secondly, the G29 is in no way on the same level as the two previously mentioned. I'll say no more on that subject! Just hard for me to comprehend, how someone, can be considering a G29 purchase, and, if the loose chamber might be an issue, they will opt for a small 9.:dunno:
  19. Guys, I went with a Keltec PF9 as a replacement for my old G29 and ended up selling it after a couple months. There is no comparison. Even though the Keltec was light and thin, it didn't give me the same level of satisfaction as carrying around a 9mm... that I could ONLY use for CCW. If I were in the woods or the field, the pistol was basically useless.
  20. I have a PF-9 I carry everyday. And it's got over 7k rounds down the pipe. I don't feel under gunned with it at all. :cool:

    It's mice to have options.
  21. Very true about having options!

    I liked my Keltec but I just have no use for a 9mm. I figure, while I'm carrying a 9mm, I might as well carry my G29sf. I need a pistol that works well for the field as well as for carry.


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