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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by scarecrow734, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. for woods protection in pennsylvania what would perform better out of a stock G29

    double tap
    1) 200gr FMJ-FP
    2) 200gr WFNGC Hardcast
    3) 230gr. WFNGC Hardcast

    1) 200 Grain TMJ
    2) 220 Grain Hard Cast Flat Nose

    1) ?

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  3. I'd say an accurate and ready shooter would do better, even with the worst ammo.

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  4. As a fellow Pennsylvanian/Glock 29er, I would say that anything in 10mm is good for our woods. I have never heard of a PA black bear attack, or really any other 4 legged threat....

    That being said, I carry Underwood 200 XTP in my 29, but I would feel safe with my Underwood 180 FMJ as well.
  5. 10 fan

    10 fan 10 fan

    I carry DT 200 gr. WFNHC except when hunting (CA) Buffalo Bore 155 gr copper. They are 100fps more than the DT 155gr copper:cool:
  6. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    any of those will do for black bear defense, but you get more ammo for less money with Underwood without losing quality or velocity.
  7. Here... Fixed it for you for accuracy. :supergrin:
  8. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    Ryt is right. Underwood actually meets and exceeds its stated velocities, doubletap falls miserably short. So underwood is a far far better value! For woods protection I would feel well-protected with their 180gr xtp, 200gr xtp, and 220gr hardcast. If your choice is between 200gr fmj's and 220gr hardcast, I say definitely go with the hardcast!
  9. yea i was leaning towards the underwood stuff. as stated you get more for your money which is always a good thing.

    ok then let me ask yall this with double tap off the table.

    1) 180gr XTP
    2) 200gr XTP
    3) 220gr hardcast

    my concern is performance out of the 29 barrrel is there enuff barrel to make these rounds perform properly
  10. drsjr1969

    drsjr1969 "10mm ammo" FB

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  11. drsjr1969

    drsjr1969 "10mm ammo" FB

    Not true at all. My test are for ammo to ammo comparison. To help people select the best ammo for the situation. Doesn't Matter what pistol you have. Since your barrel is a little shorter you just have to reduce the figures down a bit.

    "10mm ammo" find this page on Facebook
  12. i under stand that. but by reducing the numbers how does it affect does the bullet? do the hollow points still expand as they should? how much penetration am i loosing by knocking 50fps off of a 220gr hard cast round?
  13. drsjr1969

    drsjr1969 "10mm ammo" FB

    Sorry but your asking about things now that have nothing to do with chronographing ammo.

    Even if you had a Glock 20 like I do my spreadsheet has nothing to do with expansion and penetration.

    However most rocket scientist could take my results and figure it out.
  14. dryfly

    Platinum Member

    FWIW im running Underwood 200 xtp's thru my stock 29sf...and i have never had any issues with anything. Accuracy and consistency is "'wicked pissah!"...
    YMMV !
  15. The 200 grain DT fmj is one of my favorite loads running out of my Glock 29. They are loading a thick jacketed Montana Gold bullet that is very tough. Penetration would not be an issue. Plain off the shelf 200 grain Blazer loaded with the Speer 200 grain TMJ is a fine load as well that would be worth testing in your Glock.

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