G27 vs. G26

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by DannyB, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Plus 1. I even prefer it over the same setup with the 26.

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  2. I have shot the 26 and 27 and prefer the 26 much more. I like the 9mm control that you get and after reading online some ballistic tests the 9mm and 40 hollow points are very close in tests. The 40 only slightly beats it. The 27 has more of a snap to it which I didnt like because it would take longer for follow up shots. The 26 will also accept that nice 33rd mag they make which is always funny to have a little gun with a massive mag at the range. I ended up buy a G19 and wished i got the 26 for CC. Many will tell u its a personal preference thing...rent it! Hope this helps.

  3. Can't you find both of those to rent at your local gun store?
    Much more effective than asking here.

    Personally I prefer the 26 but that's because I like the 9mm with more rounds and less recoil.
    A well placed 9mm is also plenty to stop anyone.
  4. duncan

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    I started out with a G26 but found I shot the G27 more accurately. More snap.

    But my carry Glock right now is a G27 with a G33 barrel!
  5. METS

    I have both also I put some talon grips on the 27 I now shoot it better than my 26.I really don't feel a difference with recoil.
  6. You already have G26 you cannot go wrong with it; I target practice and carry my USA made Gen 3 G26 and feel well protected!
  7. I have both. The g26 is always going to be faster with follow up shots. To me, it is enough to make a difference. Not to mention it holds more rounds and the Plus 2's in the 26 actually give you plus 2, where in the 40 its only a plus 1 baseplate.
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    This. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^:cool:
  9. G26 for me, cheaper ammo, less recoil, deadly accurate, fast enough with it, not the same with the G27!
  10. I Agree...
  11. This.
    Though with the advent of the Gen4 in the .40 cal and lack of 9X19 ammo available, my G23 is looking better and better.

    Edit:Also, I want to give those 'gap plates' a whirl on my G26, cept I can't find any of the damn things for sale. :(

    Another Edit!! : My 26 with no extended floor plates is pretty snappy to shoot with my PD load of choice, the Underwood 115gr +P+ GoldDot.
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    I agree with you bac.

    I shoot my G26 much easier than the G27.

    I find the G26 to be more manageable in muzzle flip and recoil. Although the G27 is versatile, that is not an issue for me.


  13. +1 for sure. I owned and shot a couple thousand rds through a 27 in the late '90's before converting to 9mm. 200-250 rd sessions with the 27 gave me some tingling in the palms and slight tremors like I used to get after a heavy bag workout. The G26 kicks much less. Physics.

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