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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by DannyB, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. I imagine this info is here somewhere I just haven't found it.

    What is the recoil difference between the two? Is it just a little bit, somewhat, a lot, etc.

    I know my G22 doesn't bother me in the least bit compared to 17's and 19's. I just thought the "baby" might be a handful. Actually, I don't consider anything to really be a handful. I have shot a S&W 500 :supergrin: After that everything else is a pop gun.

    I may have the opportunity to trade another gun that I don't shoot much for a G27 and am trying to make up my mind. Since I already have a G26 and really like it a lot I am second guessing why even mess with the G27. I guess it is mostly curiosity since I have never shot one.

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  2. I find the G27 to be easier to shoot than the 26. And it sure makes a bigger hole in the paper.

  3. barth

    barth six barrels

    If a G22 doesn't bother you?
    I don't think a G27 will either.
    You can always run 180 gr sub sonic ammo if you want to reduce felt recoil.
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  4. Goodrich

    Goodrich Like a Sir

    love my 27 it's my EDC.
  5. Glk30

    Carrying my G27 right now. Get some GAP mag base plates and you're good to go.
  6. GAP plates transform the G27 into a *****cat to shot. Not a huge difference in recoil between the two. I also started with a G22 then was faced with the same decision when I wanted a baby glock. After shooting both I went with the 27. Magazine compatibility far outweighed the recoil difference

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  7. There is a big difference in the felt recoil of the 27 vs the 26 and I think this is the reason that on the used market the G27 is the most common Glock model. I'm surprised that not much info came up in a search? try some different search terms, this is a common topic.
  8. Hi Danny, l also have a 27 and love it. lt isnt a terror to shoot like some would have you believe but it is a rocker. One nice thing about the 27 is you can shoot 9mm or .357 with just a barrel swap. lf you already have a 22 and are used to shooting the 26, you will enjoy adding a 27.
  9. I guess I'm in the minority here. I own many 40s, but I much prefer the 9mm overall.
  10. Agreed... I shoot WAY more 9mm and 45 than I do 40.
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  11. :dunno:
  12. About the used market, I know that on another forum I read that 27's show up more often than about any others for sale, and there is quite often somebody looking for a 26. I just happen to really like the 40 caliber in general and also happen to have more ammo for it right now.

    I think some folks are just more recoil sensitive than others. I would have pinky extensions on it like my 26 if I end up with it anyway.
  13. Bruce M

    I prefer the G26, not that that proves anything. I would like to take a couple dozen shooters of different skill levels and see what difference there is shooting the G26 versus shooting the G27 especially with second shots.
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  14. I have a G22 and just bought a G27. I was actually anxious about shooting it when I first took it to the range because I heard it was really "snappy." In my opinion it's not much different from the 22. Same recoil, just a smaller package. I'm looking forward to pulling the trigger again.
  15. I did too till 9mm ammo is gone and 45 too. Then if you can find it the 45 ammo is over $25 box!!
    So considering 40 ammo is available that's all im shooting now
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  16. G27+gap=favorite glock
  17. ^^^ ??..what?..EZ killer....:p
  18. I purchased a g19 a few weeks ago. Hoping 9mm ammo will be available sometime in near future
  19. wdp


    The G27 can do everything a G26 can do, but the opposite is not true. The G27 is three calibers (.40, 9mm, .357Sig) with barrel changes. The G26 is well.......a 9mm.

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