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  1. Which one are you referring to? Couldn't find a shorty.

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  2. Scroll down to Glock 26 and it list a super tuck shorty. It fits a 26 perfect instead of being cut for all Glock 9s.

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  3. I use a galco summer comfort and a blackhawk serpa.
  4. SCmasterblaster

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    I sometimes carry my G17 IWB 11 o'clock with no holster at all.

  5. Never could find a current picture of it on their website, but i went to the crossbreed seconds site and ordered one anyways. thx
  6. I use a Desantis cozy partner holster. Its very comfortable and easy to draw from..
  7. I ordered a remora without sweat shield today for mine.
  8. The G-26 is my EDC. For IWB I use Tuckers Cover Up and/or the Garret Industries Silent Thunder.
    Both are tuckable for dress shirts.
    I like them very much and recommend both mfg's.
  9. SCmasterblaster

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    I carry my G17 IWB no holster.
  10. I'll tell ya, a well worn in MTAC and a 26 and you have to be careful you remember you still are wearing it, it's that comfortable!
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    Yeah, we know... :dunno:
  12. comptac mtac - slide version.
  13. For my G26 and G19, I use the same holster. I use a IWB Blade-Tech with the snap loops. I also use the same holster, except it has belt slots, so in order to remove the holster, you have to remove the belt. Tho I now use the snap loops predominantly all the time.
  14. I'll be buying one those eventually.

    I am using a remora right now. It is good, but I don't know if i like it for carrying extended periods of time. I need something that keeps the gun closer to my body and is thinner.
  15. I use a FIST IWB.


  16. I carry in a Galco kydex holster... Can't remember the name (model TR286), but it's the same as the CompTac that I also don't remember the name of. Been carrying every day since I got it (June), and it's just so comfortable. I carry 3 o'clock. (If pics are too large, let me know)
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    But more and more, I am carrying my G17 in a Bianchi 4/4L OWB holster. :cool:

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