G26 and IDPA???

Discussion in 'General Competition' started by tango44, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Hi a few questions for the IDPA experts?

    Can I use my G26 with G19 ten round mags in SSP?

    Talon grips on my G26 are legal?

    Meprolights on my G26 are legal?

    3.5 pound connector legal?

    Thank you

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  2. Cybercowboy

    Cybercowboy Support the 2nd

    10 round G19 mags?

  3. Taking grips - legal

    Sights - legal

    Connector - legal

    G19 mags - 90% sure its legal

    I used to shoot my G26 in IDPA quite a bit, always fun to shoot with the guns we actually carry!
  4. All are legal in SSP.

    Best, Jon
  5. just fyi, you don't have to use 10 round mags in idpa, can use higher capacity, just can't load them all the way.
  6. You should be using any gun that you use for your CCW up to a G35/34 length.
    Magazine capacity can be what ever you have.
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  7. I' m using my G26 with 12 rounders mags and last week did my classifier and I'm a sharp shooter now.
    Thank you all!
  8. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    Hey, good job. Congrats.
  9. I shot my G26 in our local IDPA Match and finished 11th out of 54. Was pretty happy and felt I could improve a lot. I messed up on a reload and could not get my mag in my pocket (Had Ammo in it) because my vest was pushing in my pocket with my mag. I also was low on a 6 shot target with 5 shots, nice little low group though. Gave me a lot on conf. with the little G26. The gun is more than capable. The bigger guns was Mad. Jim
  10. Oh and I shot a Action Pistol match right before that and scored an 1180. Not the best score but I was happy. Next is a steel match. This gun is a blast.

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