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  1. Just another example of how insane and stupid are gun control laws.

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  2. DannyR

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    You only need to travel to Mexico to experience caliber restrictions.:whistling:

  3. Once Glock has finished it's expansion state side... Will we see Glock .380's?!! Interesting proposition since they won't need importation since they'd be domestic!!:supergrin:

    I mean, those especially women, would benefit from a good relatable .380 right??
  4. According to those who have shot 380 Glocks they recoil the same as 9mm versions due to their blowback operation.
  5. DannyR

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    The G28 is of blow back design and the G26 is of locked breech design. I've shot both and the recoil difference is almost non existent. Since the pistols are identical in size, and 380 ammo is more expensive than 9mm, I would have no use for a G28. Neither would my wife.
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  6. Here is a picture I took of one at the IWA in Germany.

  7. cadillacguns

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    Very informative, you guys answered alot of my questions. Incidentaly, back in the old days (BG) (Before Glock) I carried a Walther PPk/s in .380. That was hot **** to me at the time.

    I carry the G-22/23/27 series now. No need for anything else. Tried a G-30SF for fun a couple months back, and then gave it my brother.
  8. I'm sure I could order a 25 or 28...I wonder if I would be able to resell it on the civilian market though?
  9. MakeMineA10mm

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    The restriction is on it's importation. Once it's here (legally) you can do with it what you wish.
  10. im413

    Glock should make a pistol in 38 Super for those countries since it's a better round than the 380.

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  11. So I understand they can't do a 9mm in some countries but what keeps them from 40/357/10mm?

  12. I agree, shot 'em and had the opportunity to purchase one in an LEO group buy but passed...they're the same size as the G19 and 26 so why bother? Why would I want to carry same size gun in a smaller round? Although I do understand why they exist (ie: those in South American countries that cannot own "military calibers") they just don't make the import points to get into the US...if your a collector it might be worthwhile though...to each their own...
  13. +1. Great round for many things.
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