G23 (Gen2) owner looking for recommendations for light mount options

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  1. Hello everyone. G23 owner since 2007. Bought this from a LE sale in Scottsdale, AZ...figured buying from a lower crime area meant that it hadn't been fired a ton of times, as well as abused from lots of handling.

    Would like to use this as my primary home defense gun, and as such would like to mount a light on it. However, with it being a gen 2, there are no rail mount options on the front.

    In researching options, I found out that my SN belongs to a group that doesn't have much info online. Mine is CKMXXX, and looking here: http://www.glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1287557 the CKM group has little/no info on it. Was curious if anyone knew how I could also look up more info on this range of SN's.

    Thanks, and looking forward to learning a lot here!
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    Post this in General Glocking if you didn't already.

  3. You can get answers to your question in Gen. Glocking.Welcome!
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