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  1. 5803

    Just picked up a new G21 Gen4. I had an earlier model some 15 or so years ago, but I didn't keep it long. This one is a keeper. Were I back in law enforcement, this would be my first choice as a full sized duty .45.

    On my first trip out today, I fired 161 rounds of various factory .45.
    *50 rounds Winchester GI 230 FMJ
    *50 rounds Remington 185 grain FMJ-FP
    *50 rounds S&B 230 FMJ
    *7 rounds Federal HS
    *2 rounds Speer 230 Gold Dot
    *2 rounds Winchester RA45T

    Distance just under 15 yards, shooting off-hand, rapid fire (10 rounds/10 seconds). The pistol worked 100%, and all rounds (well, nearly all rounds) went into a 5 inch hole in the center of the target.

    This G21 has the factory Trijicon's, and it was printing about an inch above point of aim, windage dead on. 161 rounds isn't definitive, but it's a good start and trouble free.


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  3. tim12232

    tim12232 Pistolero

    Nice purchase! I picked up mine a few months back, I love how well it shoots and how accurate it is! I almost feel bad for my 1600 dollar Dan Wesson 1911 not getting much range time anymore!

  4. 5803

    Just received my Sidearmor, modular OWB holster for the G21Gen4, and it is perfect. No other kydex like it in my opinion. Fits like a glove and will be perfect for various matches I attend.

  5. 5803

    295 rounds to date; no malfunctions.

  6. Mine fights my SA Loaded for range time...
  7. Mine makes love to my wife's xdm...

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  8. I just picked mine up ( Happy B-Day)- a blue label gun that the dealer added NS to. Great gun and feels "smaller" in the grip compared to the G21SF.
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  9. Picked up my G21 Gen 4 a few days ago and loving it. 250 rounds over the weekend and can't wait to go back.
  10. 5803

    319 rounds to date; no malfunctions.

    Shooting at 16oz. water bottles at a measured 100 yards today. Hit one about every three shots. The others were close. Very accurate pistol.

  11. I just took mine out for a 50 round break-in. Using Magtech 230 grain FMJ, at 10 yards, rapid fire (mostly 2 handed, but one mag one handed), I was able to keep all the rounds in a box printed on a Q target. First round impacted dead centre and everything else clustered around it.
    This was done cold, having not been to the range in 5 months. What a great gun, softer shooting than my G21SF!!!
  12. I'll save you some trouble... 1500 through mine, no malfunctions.
  13. Congrats! :cool:
  14. tim12232

    tim12232 Pistolero

  15. Mark9Fogger

    Mark9Fogger Headed to WA

    Just bought a blue label one today! Whoo hooo!
  16. Congrats Mark! I can't get over how much better my Gen4 G21 seems than my old Gen3. No need to look any further for any other full-size polymer .45, IMO. This one covers all the bases.
  17. Just to follow up.... I'm up to 2100 now. Still zero malfunctions.

    Tomorrow I should be at 2300 through it. Should I post again? :tongueout:

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