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  1. I have a G21 SF with the ambi mag release and standard Glock rail.

    Mine is almost like new and only has a few rds. through it.

    It has gave no problems but has not been shot very much.
    I understand Glock will replace it if I want them to.

    Would any of you suggest that I swap it for another or just keep it?

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  2. The ambidextrous magazine release was a bad design and caused many failures in the field. Glock isn't exchanging the guns out of the goodness of their reputed heart.

    When I bought my G21SF, I didn't know there was an issue. I was relieved to find out that mine didn't have the ambi mag release.

    I would work toward getting it replaced.

    Google around, it seems that Glock pays shipping both ways if you call them first.


  3. Don't need to worry about shipping as I only live about 45 min. from Glock.

    I was kinda thinking if all the Ambi owners traded theirs in for a replacement maybe in a few years mine might be a collecter item.

  4. Most likely it will. Especially the ambi-glock rail version, which is much more uncommon than the amb-1913 rail.
  5. I am in the same situation. I have a 21SF Ambi with Glock rail that has only about 100 rounds through it. I read somewhere that ejecting fully loaded mags can cause the mag release to fail. I did this about 50 times with a 13 round mag and another dozen or so times with a Korean 27 round mag and no failure. I think I will call Glock and see what they say. Also, my gun has factory night sights. Can I assume that a replacement would come with new night sights. That would be nice since this gun is almost 5 years old.
  6. Glock sent me a Gen 4 as replacement, and it did have factory night sights.

    I did not ask for this, but not complaining!

    Be very pleasant in your email/telephone conversation to Shaun Ford at Glock, never hurts to ask, either!

    My G21SF/1913 rail never had issues until recently, after many thousands of rounds. Magazine ejection was starting to get a bit problematic.
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  7. Does Gen 4 use different mags? Or can the older style mags work?

    I only ask cuz I also have a Gen3 ambi release w/Glock rail. I have thought about sending it in and have like 10 Glock 21 mags from the regular Gen3 I had but had to sell.

    I wonder if I asked for a Gen 3 if I can get a Gen 3?
  8. I understand that the old mags will fit the gen. 4 unless you move the mag release to the other side. With the release on the left side,all mags work
  9. Older mags fit the Gen4 just fine.

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