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G20 Storm Lake 6.02" barrel project

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by edporch, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. A few days ago, I got a Storm Lake 6.02" 10mm Stainless barrel for my Gen 3 Glock 20.

    My reason for buying it is to get more velocity out of off the shelf loads, and as a platform for eventually working up my own hotter loads.

    The barrel went right in out of the box lightly oiled with no fitting, no ramp or chamber polishing, and the STOCK factory Recoil Spring was used.

    For my initial test, I fired a magazine of Remington UMC 180 grain flat nosed jacketed ball.

    The initial round chambered normally.

    When I began firing, I noticed immediately that the ejection of the spent brass was noticeably MORE violent.
    It was really throwing the brass compared to the stock barrel.

    On the 4th round, I pulled the trigger and the round didn't fire.
    I ejected it manually and noticed a light primer strike.

    The next round and the rest of the 15 rounds fired normally.
    The slide stayed open after the last round.

    I chambered the 4th round that hadn't fired earlier and it fired fine.

    I didn't fire any more rounds as I knew some tweaking was going to be needed.

    I've since polished the ramp and chamber some, and installed an ISMI Stainless Captured Guide Rod with a 22 pound spring.

    These things to hopefully reduce the violent brass ejection, and smooth out the chambering.

    Will report back after I test this.
  2. Went out Sunday and fired 85 more rounds of the same ammo with the new spring and somewhat polished ramp and chamber.

    The first thing I noticed was the spent brass was ejected in a more sane way.
    Landing about 10+- feet away to the side and a little behind.

    I had 4 jams with the cartridge stuck about 1/2 - 3/4 of the way into the chamber.

    My next step will be to polish the ramp and chamber more, along with polishing the bolt face to see if it makes any difference.
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  3. I SLIGHTLY rounded the edge where the ramp transitions into the chamber and did more polishing of the chamber, and ramp.

    Took it out and fired it yesterday with 200grain bullets without ANY malfunction.

    I now have a stainless 6.02" Storm Lake barrel with ISMI Stainless Captured Guide Rod with a 22 pound spring and a much more supported chamber.

    Pistol works great and ejects the brass slightly behind and to the right from 6-10 feet.

    I'm very happy with this barrel.
  4. picketpin


    Jan 25, 2009
    Bozone MT
    Nice Ed! I just did much the same: 20SF, KKM 6", Lone Wolf stainless guide rod and flat 24 lb. ISM recoil spring. I also had to do a little chamber/ramp polishing and shorten the overall length of my beartooth 200 gr. WFN GC bullet reloads to allow them to fully chamber. I haven't had it back out to see if all the polishing will allow the Beartooth reloads to function smoothly. Lots of fun!
  5. ModGlock17


    Dec 18, 2010
    Scratch your finger nail along the barrel or any chamber surface. If it makes noise, then it is not smooth enough. Small ridges from machining the barrel can wear down your original Glock slide.

    Do polish the barrel to a mirror shine. Run your nail and it should have no noise.

    Then I lube it with Frog Lube and mine worked beautifully ever since. Mfgr don't usually polish the barrels (takes time and costs money).
  6. DONE!
    Thanks for the tip. :supergrin:
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