G20 mags in a G29

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  1. Mas,
    Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge in this forum! I read one of your posts that it was not a good idea to use the full size G20 mags in the sub-compact G29 and can not recall an explanation. This topic was not covered in the Armorers, Advanced Armorers or Instructor class. My daily carry is a G29 with the reloads being the full size G20 mags. I just want to make sure that if I need a reload it's gonna go "bang" and not "click". I train with the above setup but "range conditions" are a far cry from "real world" conditions. Thanks in advance!!
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    I was told years ago by a Glock Armorers School instructor not to use G20 mags in G29s, because supposedly they were not reliable therein. After getting your message, I checked with Smyrna today, and they advise there should be no problem so long as the now protruding magazine is not used as a monopod or anything like that.

    They also recommend, as I do, that you shoot a bunch of rounds through the longer magazines in the short-butt pistol, to confirm reliability with the loads you'll be carrying in it.

    Best of luck,

  3. Mas,
    Thanks for comfirming! I have logged several thousand rounds through the 29 with the 20 mags without a hiccup so therein lied the question of reliability. Just wanted to cover all the bases. Thanks again!!!
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