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G20 extraction issues?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by swampfoxoutdoors, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. I have recently bought a Glock 20sf. And I am having extraction issues with this gun.

    I have made test loads and have bought some factory ammo to shoot in this gun.

    I have had this happen to me about 2-4 times while shooting. The gun will fire and the slide will reciprocate back and lock open due to the round that was in the chamber not coming out of the chamber all the way. The round will be about 75% out of the chamber before it will slip off the extractor. I was wondering if my loads are too hot for the standard glock recoil spring. I have bought 2 Wolff recoil springs in the 20, 22 lbs range and a guide rod from wolff also. I have not had a chance to shoot the gun since I have installed the new guide rod and 20lbs spring.

    I was also wondering if the extractor spring needed to be increased since it was slipping off the round.

    The load I am using is warm but not hot. I am loading starline brass and hornaday 200gr XTP over Blue dot powder at 9.3Grs. It is giving me about 1090-1100 fps in stock barrel the crony was set up at about 3 yards. The cases show no signs of case bulge other than slight bulge all over from the typical lose glock barrel but on par with other glock 10mm cases I have seen fired.

    I have a standard glock barrel and everything is stock beside the recoil spring.
  2. Remington 870

    Remington 870

    Feb 29, 2012
    Hello swampfox. I would say the problem is in the extractor system maybe a broken or weak extractor spring possibly. check the extractor system for obvious broken parts. could have a chiped or broken extractor check the area that contacts the brass it must be square if it's rounded or chipped its a bad part and must be replaced.

  3. Beanie-Bean


    Apr 23, 2011
    Central Texas
    swampfox, welcome to GT!

    I haven't had the opportunity to load out the 200 gr. XTP in .400 yet, but have a lot of fun with their 180 gr. XTP and HAP projectiles.

    10.7 gr of Blue Dot will get between 1150-1250 fps from my G20SF. It's outfitted with everything stock, except for the barrel (KKM stock-length) and the night sights I put on them (XS Big Dot.)

    KKM has excellent chamber support, and my brass is not bulged out after being shot with that barrel. I also use a Redding G-Rx carbide sizing die for 10mm, .40S&W, and .357SIG to straighten out anything which has bulged out.
  4. I have looked over the extractor tho in poor light, it seemed fine. I will look over it again.
  5. 10mmau


    May 5, 2012
    I too had this issue.

    I have fired maybe 200 more rounds since my last post on that thread and have not had another issue. However, all those 200 rounds and the 150 before, mentioned in the post were factory loaded (Underwood and AE) or first time handloads. No once fired brass out of this last 350 rounds, all new, never fired. I am now wondering if there could be a connection.

    Good luck and please keep us up to date with the issue.
  6. I'm having that EXACT problem with my 8 month old Glock 20sf:steamed:... Weak Remington UMC rounds fire and cycle without issue, but then start throwing hot rounds like Double Tap, Buffalo Bore, Underwood etc. and I have those exact problems. Sometimes after firing a round, the firearm won't even leave battery to cycle.
  7. Arc Angel

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    Sep 20, 2003
    Penn's Woods
    Can't comment on your barrel specifications; however, it's been my general experience with Glocks that problems like this will occur until you have a good 300 (or more) rounds through a new pistol. The Wolff rod and spring should help. Personally, I think you should stay with a standard 17# recoil spring until the pistol has been, 'verified' and begins to run smoothly.
  8. rustytxrx


    Oct 17, 2012
    What kind of extractor mark are on the FTE cases?
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  9. What recoil springs are you using
  10. Just got back from the range with my Glock 20sf, fired 200 rounds of Underwood (Hot ammo). 0 issues whatsoever :dunno:. Going from having a whole bucket of issues in the past 2-3 months, for some reason it looks like the Glock 20sf needs a "break-in" period to get the kinks worked out... Almost like I have a whole new handgun even though none of the factors have changed, same RSA, same grip and stance, same cleaning protocols, etc... I'd say shoot a bunch of rounds through it to resolve any problems you may be experiencing. Worked for me at least :cheers:. Good luck
  11. Well I am hopefully going today to the range and doing some accuracy testing with my hand loads. I will post what happens when I get done. The recoil spring I have in their now is a wolff 20 lb. I will try to take some picks of brass also if the problem occurs again.
  12. the extractor looked fine after second inspection but I did notice on the extractor plunger a small smiley rub mark. I didn't appear to be a heavy gouge but did show some light rubbing in the shape of a half moon.

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  13. well I shot the 10mm yesterday with my test loads. The gun did still have a few hiccups. I had 1 FTE, 2 FTF and 2 light primer strikes. I did install the striker spring that came with the increased recoil lb spring from wolff. I think the new spring is what caused the light primer strikes. One of the failure to feed was from me hitting and knocking the slide release lever into the up position upon firing the gun. And I know the FTE was from me limp wristing, I was trying to prop the gun on the shooting table for more stability and only used one hand and that was when the problem occurred.

    Over all I only have 1 FTF that was unexplained and it was probably due to a little limp wristing and me lightly hitting the slide release but that is not confirmed. Like I have said in my other post this gun is not a self defense gun and will only be used for hunting. So 100% reliability is not that crucial but will be nice to achieve. Where I live and hunt the "most dangerous game" i will be up against is Coyotes and the occasional small black bear which is very very very rare and occasional hog which is also very very rare.

    Now the accuracy of my test loads was very good. I shot only at 15 and 25 yards free handed except for the feeble try at bracing the gun on the shooting table. The targets used was el chepo paper plates taped to a cardboard backing.

    15 yard targets shot 3 different strings

    target 1 ----7 shots 5 hits all within 11 o clock position with 4" other 2 was right off to the left of the plate.

    target 2----- 8 shots 7 hits used better trigger control and took my time grouping 3 1/2" with the one off the target and 1 flyer, if flyer counted spreed was 5".

    target 3---- 7 shots 7 hits closet 3 shot grouping was less than 1 1/2" but if all was counted 6" spreed ; (.

    25 yards paper plate

    Target 1 ------- 4 shots 3 hits grouping was at the 11 o clock position on paper plate. The grouping of the 3 shots was around 3 1/2" and with the flyer on the card board about 5-6" ( the flyer was at the 12 O clock position about 2" high of the plate.

    I had another target that I shot at 25 yards but seemed to have lost it, from what I can remember the accuracy was about the same possibly a little worst that target 1 at 25 yards.

    Now this is still overall a stock Glock 20sf with less than 150rds thru the gun it has a increased wolff recoil spring of 20lbs installed. Now I love all of my glocks very very much but I did shoot my 1911 the same day at 25 yards and was able to connect with 6 out of 7 shots. I shot 3 rounds took a rest for a few seconds then shot 4 more, the first grouping was less than 1 1/2" and second was 2" with flyer off to the 9 o clock position of plate. But this was with a lite loaded 45acp.