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  1. Does the blacked out rear make it difficult to aim in lighted environments? So the rears glow but only in dimmer environments?

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  2. +1 on all Green. Just got a set of Meprolights that have a fully adjustable rear site. Really nice on my G-19.

  3. http://www.topgunsupply.com/amerigl...lock-9mm-.40-.357-.45-g.a.p.-green-green.html
    This place had them at my door in 2 days! Best price and CS ever!
    Another note, I have the I dots on my G23, I have Meps on my other Glocks and they will be getting the I dots down the road! I would go with the I dot pros next time for the bigger front dot only cause my eyes are now 47 years old,lol.

    E cop is good too
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  4. Which color do you prefer? I wanted white but they don't make them in the Pro version.
    SO which is best color for day, dusk, night time? Yellow or red?
  5. AK47Man

    AK47Man Expert Marksman

    Meprolight's on all of my Glocks...Glock factory night sights are made by Meprolight. All green for me too..My G19 has had them on since 2005...Still bright as ever..
  6. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    There is a very important difference between the orange and lime-green front sight version of the AmeriGlo I-Dot Pro night sights.

    The orange is only brightly colored paint, whereas the lime green is photoluminescent paint and will glow in low light for several minutes after being "charged" with a light source (for example, sunlight, indoor fluorescent lighting, or LED flashlight). Of course, both models perform equally well for visibility in a long period of darkness as both have a green tritium lamp at the center of the ring. The orange provides better contrast against a background of light-colored clothing in normal indoor light and outdoors in sunlight, but the glowing lime green ring makes the transition easier going from light to darkness before your eyes adjust to low light and the tritium lamp takes over. You must decide which is more important to you.

    My review of the AmeriGlo I-Dot Pro night sights is at http://www.glocktalk.com/forums/showpost.php?p=18998973&postcount=5
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  7. Thank you so much! TGS has a good price after shipping so I'll be getting my set after payday:cool:
  8. I prefer the lime green/yellow proglo front sight for shooting in all conditions. All my Glocks have them now..no more red. That's just my preference. If you prefer the standard white just go with the i-Dots or Pro Operators. The only difference is the front sight is a little thinner.
  9. Ameriglo's use Trijicon tubes, and can be had for almost half the price.

    I run Ameriglo CAP's and love them. I got them for $68.99 and Trijicon HD's run $120 or more in places. Ameriglo 3-dot sights like the pro-operators can be had in the $80 range.

    Ameriglo is now offering the CAP front with the pro-operator rears... so that's VERY similar to the Trijicon HD configuration, just absent the serrations or U-Notch.

    Trijicon's lead times are terrible too, so make sure the place you order from has them in stock, or be prepared to wait.
  10. I agree I love them had mepro's on my H&K loved them have the factory Glock night sights on my G26 made by meprolight nice and bright and stamped Glock on top of front and rear sight.
  11. dregotglock

    dregotglock CHL Instructor

    I prefer 2 brands: Trijicon and XS Big Dot
  12. E cop is great price and free ship!! I have bought stuff from them before.
  13. Thanx
    I have the I dots on my G23. The front sight is a little small for my 47 year old eyes though,lol. Also being they have a wider notch 180 rear the bigger front of the pro 140 would be a better fit IMO.
    I might order one set of the yellow/ lime green for my G30 see if I like them.
    But over all much better then my Mep 3 dots for quick sight in!
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