G19 Night Sight input

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by GruGrux515, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Just wanted some input on night sights for my 19. Was considering Trijicon or the Trijicon HD's. anyone have any pros/cons to them or others?

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  3. Ameriglo I dot or idot pro.They have the Trijicon inserts

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  4. +1. Trijicon's proprietary sights are overpriced and they don't offer yellow rears. Ameriglo does. :wavey:
  5. Also would like color combo input too and why. Thanks
  6. Magus

    Magus Deo Vindice

    Ummm....no. :dunno:

    Trijicon does offer yellow rears....orange as well.


    Options to the right on that link.

    Overpriced...maybe. That's a matter of perspective. Also depends where you buy them. I've found the price lower on basic Trijicons than some Ameriglo sights. Depends upon where you look. Ameriglo quality I've found to be hit or miss regardless of price.

    I used to really like Meprolight for my Glocks, but have found recently that Mepro quality isn't what it once was sadly. That was my experience though recently on two different sets for one Glock and one non-Glock. A variety of issues. Your results may be different.

    Went with a simple green on green set of Trijicons on my G17 recently and am very pleased.
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  7. I have had no issues with the Glock factory night sights....
  8. Where's the best place to get these from? Ameriglo would be my first guess, but they charge quite a bit more than distributors. Everywhere I've seen that actually has the i-dots in stock has had shady CS reviews so I'm a bit hesitant to order them.
  9. I just put the trijicon hd's on my 19 and love em.
  10. +3 for Ameriglo i-Dot Pros. I purchase direct, but you can find them at other places sometimes at really good prices if you google around. Just remember i-Dot is not the same as i-Dot Pro. The Pro has the proglo front sight (colored ring with tritium insert).

  11. Which color do you like best? If its anything like fiber optic sights, I like the red better than the yellow... seems to grab my eye better.
  12. I prefer the lime green/yellow
  13. What's the difference between the Trijicon HD's and regular night sights?
  14. HD's come with a squared off or round front Bright irredescent outer ring/square sight that borders the night sight. It makes it great for daytime, and also low light shooting.

    Night sights are just that, night sights. There is no outer ring or square that makes it super bright in the day. I personally can live either way. I always like the Ameriglo Operators. Green/Yellow combo.
  15. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    The rears appear blacked out during the day, but still have trij lamps and glow in low light.

    The front has photolum ring (orange or yellow) around front trij insert. Makes picking up the front sight very fast.

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  16. I should have qualified that about their HD set. :whistling:
  17. Got rid of my Trigicon HD's.
    The bright front orange sight appeared to glow bigger than it was, thru the rear U-shaped sight.
    So, I couldn't align accurately.
    Must have been me.
    What your eyes pick up on fast & accurately will differ from others.
    They looked good, till on the range, moving & shooting in competition.
    Friend I gave them to, liked them a lot.

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  18. Do you color code in any way (by caliber for instance) ?

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  19. I, too, use Mepro but no problems so far.
    What issues did you have?

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  20. No I don't, I have since replaced the red sights with the lime green/yellow.

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