G19 EXO + Crossbreed = Rust???

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by E.McCune226, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Wow. That sucks!!!!

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  2. Tenifer is not a finish, it's the metal treatment underneath the parkerized outer finish.

  3. Sorry for not updating this sooner. I contacted Fail Zero right after I got all of the amazing responses from the GT Community!!! I shared with them all of the things you guys said on this post and also sent them a link as proof. They told me that they were extremely sorry and "every once in a while, there is a bad batch". No further explanation but I got the vibe that I wasn't the only person to have contacted them about this issue. :woohoo:

    Long story short, they said to send it back and they would be more than happy to rectify the problem (free of charge :thumbsup:). All in all, very pleased with their exceptional customer service!

    In my opinion, still an awesome firearm and although it was slightly disappointing at first, Fail Zero coating it still a plus in my book!

  4. I am a Law Enforcement Officer but never considered "above the law"... Just a normal human being just like everyone else on this forum with a job that allows me to use a firearm as one of my very many tools needed to complete my everyday job tasks such as protecting and serving people in the state of Illinois!:patriot:
  5. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    And rightly so.
  6. Sharky7

    Sharky7 Boomshakalaka

    How is it "above the law"? What he is doing is legal. He is acting WITHIN the law.
  7. So did you send it back and get it refinished? Any rust now? I ask because my next purchase will be an exo/np3/robar/blahblah G19 and I plan on carrying it in a supertuck.
  8. Tenifer is a metal treatment underneath the outer finish. Just did some quick Googling and it seems like the EXO finish is supposed to be over the Tenifer treatment. Maybe not the case?
  9. I purchased a new EXO G19 and had the rear of the slide tarnish. It happened when I wore the pistol close to my body in a IWB holster that did not have a protective flap. In fact you had to be careful when reholstering or you would get pinched. I contacted EXO and they said send the slide in and they would redo it free of charge. The only thing it would cost is shipping one way. Looks perfect again and I have since switched holsters. No problems so far. I am very pleased with their exceptional customer service!
  10. Hmm not had any issues with mine and everyday I'm not on duty its on my hip very odd sir, but ya the EXO finish is over the Tenifer
  11. Thank you for your service in a very rough part of the country.
  12. This, an EXO finish isn't typically going to do this. This gun needs to be refinished. I prefer the standard glossy finish of a Glock, but wouldn't feel like I had a non-durable gun with the EXO finish.

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