G19 EXO + Crossbreed = Rust???

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by E.McCune226, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. To make things clear right off of the bat:

    1.) I absolutely love my g19 EXO and bought it brand new on 18 JUN 11
    2.) I have put approx 600 rounds through it and thoroughly clean it obsessively after each use
    3.) It is my primary off-duty carry weapon that goes with me everywhere I go in my super awesome, super comfortable Crossbreed Super Tuck
    4.) When I pulled it out yesterday, this is what I found:crying:

    It looks like rust but I have no idea how it could be possible. I'm at a loss for words and I'm not sure what I should do as far as trying to clean it w/o possibly making it worse. (I am a Hoppe's #9 guy).

    Anyone experience anything like this specifically on the slide of their EXO version pistol? Comments, suggestion???





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  3. WOW, that sucks.

  4. BLau

    That really sucks. Are you in a humid environment? Did moisture somehow get trapped inside the holster? Unless it can come off with the Hoppes and a toothbrush, you may have to have it refinished. I wouldn't try anything too abrasive (no metal bushes).
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  5. I live in Chicago and always wear a t-shirt between my body and the holster to keep it safe and dry from sweat. It's been in the upper 80's here the last few days but not humid at all. A soft toothbrush is a what I was thinking too but I'm not sure if the Hoppes would be considered too abrasive. Any suggestions on a very non-abrasive cleaner???
  6. The guys at Failsafe -- the folks who do the finishing on guns and other things -- warranty this finish. You should be in contact with them and they will refinish it for you. I contacted them once with another matter and got a quick response. jrh
  7. its failzero that do the re-finish. I would contact them and have it fixed.


    Hope it all gets fixed for you.

  8. 9L0ck

    It is failzero that does the finish not failsafe.
  9. BLau

    I think Hoppes will be fine. It won't take the finish off.
  10. FyreCalG17

    FyreCalG17 Gen4 Fondler

    Not being an butthole here by asking... other than looks, what is the purpose of the EXO finish if it makes the Glock finish less durable? I know nothing about EXO so I really am asking a serious question.
  11. Fail Zero it is then. I will contact them tmrw and pray that they will work with me and offer some type of reasonable solution. The gun is just so new and I really do take good care of it so I guess I'm just shocked that something like this would even happen to a GLOCK in the first place. I saw a post on this forum earlier in the week about a Glock that was left under water in a pool for three days and it didn't even look this bad. Either way, I will contact them (keep ur fingers crossed for me)! Thanks
  12. damn that's bizarre. I have no idea why it would do that. Please keep us updated.
  13. dkf


    I carry both my Gen3 OD glocks (switch between carrying them) IWB Galco King Tuk against my skin all day. Sweat gets all over the slide, ZERO rust or discoloration. I havn't cleaned them for weeks and never wipe the slide off with any type of oily rag or silicone cloth. Was in the low 90s today with humidity you could cut with a knife.

    Cash in on the finish warrenty.
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  14. i would talk to them about the warranty,I have to exo's and carry them in a inside the pant uncle mikes holster also (switch between carrying them) i live in south texas over here is 95'-101 hot weather and i had mine for over 2 month + and haven't had any problems with the finish.
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  15. i've been completely unimpressed with the quality of the finish on any of the glock exo's i've seen. looks like a union worker with a paint gun applied it. i've even seen excess "fail zero" globbed up in the slide rails.

    the barrels weren't even finished at all as advertised but rather just had the stock finish stripped off and there were still traces of original finish all over.

    this thread just confirms my thoughts: pass.

    i'd try to get exo to remedy it, then sell it. it wouldn't surprise me if they stripped the surface down far enough that they removed the tenifer treatment.
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  16. 21Carrier

    21Carrier Until I Gota 29

    I was looking at two local EXOs, but that just killed it for me. I was wondering about the finish durability. Glock's tenifer finish just can't be beat, especially in the Deep South's humidity. I have a G21SF on which I sanded and polished off the black parkerizing finish (but I didn't go too deep, it still has the texture and looks almost like black chrome but a bit lighter). Apparently it's true that the tenifer is down in the metal, because I carried that gun like that for nearly 6 months with ZERO rust. Even without the black parkerization and sitting daily in a sweat soaked Don Hume holster, it looks perfect.

    Sorry about your pistol, man. I'd give them one chance to fix it, then I'd trade it for a stock Glock. Nothing beats tenifer. I hope they get it sorted out for you. Those pistols really do look good.
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  17. Sucks. TALO edition?

    I run a failzeroed/EXO coated ar15 bcg and trigger groups and love them--super easy to clean and self lubricating. That is the first matte finished thing I've seen from them. I wonder if it is a different coating.
  18. mrsurfboard

    mrsurfboard The Anti-Glock

    Do you take your gun out of the holster every night, or do you just leave it in and take off the holster?

  19. the exo glock slide finishes indeed look different than fail zero's AR bcg finish. it's more of a matte finish on the glock slide, where as it's more polished and shinier on AR bcg's.
  20. Camu Mahubah

    Camu Mahubah 9=Fine

    Yah that would irk me but I know a phone call and linking them to this thread would get you satisfaction...I just hope you have a back up while this is in the mail.

    Keep us updated...
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  21. The only reason why I actually bought the EXO model was b/c the sales rep at the gun store said that the EXO model was double coated and more durable than the standard model. I was under the impression that EXO finish was nickel boron coated over Glock's standard tenifer finish thus making it more durable. I guess I was wrong... can anyone else verify the validity of this belief?

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