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G 30SF for trade :(

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by one"Lucky"shot, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. one"Lucky"shot

    one"Lucky"shot your 6 is my 12

    Apr 20, 2004
    Cajun country
    Well I am thinking of getting rid of one of my Glocks. I have not let any of them go up till this one .
    It is a G30SF, NIB never fired it has had the .25 cent trigger job though….. Sorry couldn’t help it . I want to trade it for a G30. Anyone think I could make this happen? Not soliciting a sale….unless you wanna trade and in the Central Florida area
  2. If it were me and my pistol, I would replace any parts you modified before selling it.

  3. Good point neonhomer.
    Just curious. Did it fail to return to battery ever ?
    I sent my 30sf back to glock 3 weeks ago with battery return issue. Also had a very tough time inserting broken in mags. Real tough. Glock sent me a g30 as per my request. It's a great gun. The 30 feels better in my hand than the sf. Too small for me. this replacement 30 has No issues at all. Almost 500 flawless rds. Many people owning 30sf's are reporting problems in a thread on this site. Gouged Trigger bars , uneven rails , mag insertion prob's and quite a few made in between dec 08 to present are failing to return to battery every 10 or 20 rds. Some more , some less of course.
    My new 30 is dated may 08. 14 months new. I did'nt want a recent make. I also bought a pre rail 30 today that had not been used after the first 2 mags were fired back in march 04. With 3 older style ,non ambi mags. Great find. The older they are the better IMO. My lgs owner called me with the inside track on it. Mint cond. Threw a clipdraw on it and a few pearce +0 pinky ext's today.
    Hopefully glock will get the kinks worked out soon. Lately all new 30's and 30sf's(and some 21sf) have been showing up with oo spec trigger bars that show a gouge or scratch from the slide cutting into them at the base of the fps cam on the tr bar.
    If a gun shows a tb gouge and no other issues ,you can polish the scratch out until it has worn down enough not to make contact with the tr bar anymore.

    Sorry for the long post. Just trying to inform. Although I am probally the least informed,non technical member of this site. Good luck. g30's are great.

    Happy 4th everyone..............God bless America.
  4. one"Lucky"shot

    one"Lucky"shot your 6 is my 12

    Apr 20, 2004
    Cajun country
    There are no pieces to replace. It is/was stock NIB, I have not fired it so no issues there.

    I got a SF thinking that it would fit my wife hands as well (range time is more fun if you can bring along your best friend :) ) But she didn't like the grip of the SF. So I traded it for a G30.