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  1. I am thinking of having Fusion build me a 9mm. Bobtail commander and I wanted to know what the experts here on GT have to say about Fusion firearms. Also if anyone has one , please post pics.

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  2. I'm not an expert and don't own one.........yet. I will tell you this, I'm building a Scout kit very soon with a chain link frontstrap and MSH for a friend. I may just build one for myself as a present for enlisting in the ARMY. I may just decide to build a 4 incher bobtail instead. I can't decide.

    Bob Serva was the head honcho over at Dan Wesson before CZ acquired the company. I have talked to him on the phone and through email. Bob is the type of guy that will talk you out of buying one if he feels his gun isn't right for what you want. The thing is, he can do whatever you want so I'm sure that doesn't happen often. He will answer any question honestly and without bias.

    The best thing to do is to call him up personally. I see you have one on order so I assume you alreaady have spoken to him.

    If you go to 1911forum.com you will see many posts by him. He posts pics of many of the pistols he has finished before he ships them to the buyer in the other 1911 section of that forum.

    The best way to look at Fusion is that they are a 1911 parts distributor that will just so happen to build you a hand fitted, semi custom quality 1911 if you want them to. I can't wait to build one for my friend. Building one for myself will be nice too.:cool:

  3. I don't want to start any arguments, so send me an email, and I will discuss it with you.
  4. No expert here either.

    However, I'll post a couple pics of my Fusion. For the money I paid, I'm happy with it. I've never had an issue and it shoots accurately.

    Its a Commander Elite model in 45ACP. No bobtail on this one.

    Also, Bob Serva is a great guy to deal with, as I've spoken to him a couple times on the phone.



  5. That's no fun.:supergrin: If you have an opinion on them, I would like to hear it, Good or bad, as I am thinking of using them for my next build as well.
  6. Their parts and kits seem like good quality to me, though I never bought one.

    A guy I know from my favorite gun shop, purchased a kit and it seemed like a good base for a build.

    Options are endless.

    That said, I don't feel there quite up to the standard set by Baer, Brown, and the like.
  7. I have yet to hear a bad review from anyone that has bought one. I must of have read at least 50 reviews. And these were reviews from the actual owners, not from gun rag authors.

    if srothman has something to say about the subject, good or bad, I would like to hear it. I promise I will be good. If you don't feel comfortable posting in this thread, could you forward me that email?

  8. The only bad things I have heard about them are that they are so nice you want to buy more and that they will make you broke.
  9. My problem with Fusion is with the quality for the price.

    A lot of people are spending $1,500.00 and up on building a "custom" gun. While the features are custom, the quality is not.

    Fusion builds a production quality gun, no matter how much money you spend. The quality is along the lines of a Springfield, Kimber, etc.
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  11. Definitely agree.

    I would not pay $1500 for a Fusion. I got my Commander Elite new for $1200.

  12. OH WOW !!!! I told them I didn't want anything fancy, just a reliable bobetailed commander and they said around $1600 !!
  13. That's because they have gone up. The name is out now.

    I got mine in late 2007 or early 2008. Plus, I got it $100 off on Gunbroker. Bob Serva was auctioning off some of his.

    $1600 seems like a lot of money for one. Of course, the bobtail can add some money. The only "cheap" bobtail is the Dan Wesson CBOB.
  14. If the CBOB came in 9mm. I would already have it.
  15. I am only buying a frame and slide kit and building my own using Wilson and Brown parts. Could you elaborate on why you feel that Fusion builds guns to the same quality of Springfield and Kimber? Are the Fusion small parts made using the MIM process? When I last looked, all their trigger groups were made from Bar stock steel. I also want to know if you are basing your opinion because you own one or if you are basing your opinion from what you have read? Please elaborate if you feel inclined to.
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  16. Brian, do you feel that your Fusion is of better, same or lesser quality compared to a Kimber or Colt and why?
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    Did you read the thread I linked to above? This topic was hashed over a few weeks before you arrived in that thread. Your questions you asked are answered by several people in the thread...

    Follow the link above...
  18. I don't believe Fusion uses any MIM, but I'm not certain. They are very similar to Dan Wesson in several ways. In fact, Bob Serva used to head up Dan Wesson.
  19. Hard to say. I don't have real extensive experience with any Fusion other than mine. I guess I would put Fusion on par with the best from Colt and Kimber.

    Now, I shoot my Kimber Super Match better than my Colt Special Combat or Fusion. However, I shoot my Super Match better than quite a few 1911s. It just works for me for whatever reason.
  20. Yup, it was pretty much like every other thread around here. 1 or 2 pages of useful info and then 6 pages of bickering.

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