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Furball Forum Guidelines - Read Before Participating Here

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by Eric, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Eric

    Eric Big Giant Head Staff Member Admin Moderator

    Jan 1, 1970
    Welcome to the Furball, folks. This forum might appear to be a readjustment of my policies here, but in actuality, it is complete capitulation.:supergrin: I am tired of refereeing argumentative threads about pit bulls, breastfeeding, global warming, smoking, home schooling, tattooing and all of the other subjects that many people seem incapable of discussing without arguing. I give up. Now that I have given up, what do I do? Do I just create a list of crap we can't talk about? I thought about it, but that would be a PITA to administer and enforce. I decided instead to open this romper room, where all the boys and girls that cannot work and play well with others can hang out and argue about Walmart's fascist plans for the USA. I joke, but I am tired of tripping over the same old arguments and cleaning up the same messes every single day. Some of you are turning the running of this place into a freaking chore.

    So, now we have a place to banish all the threads about things that consistently disrupt the site and cause trouble, but people seem to really want to talk about. I know that there will be people that are not happy about this situation, but most of those will be the ones starting the trouble in the first place. Go figure.

    What are the ground rules here? I am not complete sure yet, but posting rules will be relaxed somewhat. Messages posted here will not be indexed or searchable with the rest of the site and there will be a warning message when anyone enters this area. Although the posting rules will be relaxed, we are not going to allow people to cause trouble or insult people gratuitously, or to make asses of themselves here generally. We are going to have to make this up as we go. This thread will be a placeholder for what will eventually be a definitive list of guidelines for this forum. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this forum and any suggestions you have for its posting guidelines here. Welcome. Eric
  2. Arquebus12

    Arquebus12 Non-broccophobe CLM

    Jan 21, 2001
    Centerburg, OH
    How bout we call it the AllanC Dictatorium on all Things Climatological?

  3. Ender

    Ender ComfortablyNumb

    May 20, 2001
    my thoughts (honestly):

    If things aren't quite a bit more relaxed here rules wise, we're just going to end up with two GNG's.

    now, i'm not saying that it should be a free for all, but a definite relaxation on rules around insults, language, and pictures would be necessary for this forum to be unique from GNG.

    Maybe a warning "if you click here, you may be offended or see the better part of a buttcheek :supergrin:

    or perhaps set a number of posts/amt. of time at GT before this forum appears and/or is postable just to prevent people from registering under another name and causing all sorts of hell.

    in all honesty, i think that either you have to let pretty much anything go here, or keep it to GNG, for two reasons: i said before, otherwise we just have two GNG's. and b...if you don't, i think you're creating a hell of a lot more headache for yourself, mods, and admins when people get offended and report posts left and right.

    just my opinions, of course, and you know what opinions are like :)
  4. Eric

    Eric Big Giant Head Staff Member Admin Moderator

    Jan 1, 1970
    This forum and this site are never going to be a skin pic site. There are plenty of other places online to indulge such appetites and this site is not one of them. That part of the guidelines will not change. The relaxation of the posting rules I mentioned would be in the area of interpersonal issues. If people want to argue here they can do so. We will relax the rules to allow for some heated exchange, but no one is going to be allowed to get stupid about it. This forum will be as close to a free-for-all as GT will ever get under my leadership, but there will still be limits. We just need to define them. Eric
  5. canis latrans

    canis latrans

    May 29, 2000
    from one of those who "don't work and play well with others"...Thanks, Eric!
  6. Ender

    Ender ComfortablyNumb

    May 20, 2001
    I didn't mean turning into a nudie site at all, don't get me wrong ;)

    as far as the other i said, just throwing my thoughts out like you asked in the first post.

    if i had to define specifics, i'd say that:

    1) pretty much anything should go language wise, whether it ends up blocked by the filter or not. people get away with a lot of stuff in GNG, so it really wouldn't be THAT big of a step up.

    2) no trolling allowed; just because things are more lax here doesn't mean the members need to see blatant troll posts, ads, etc etc. (i'm sure that goes w/o saying, but i'm having some fun with it).

    3) what happens here, stays here: you and another member can get into it all you want in this forum, but it doesn't leave this forum or degenerate into petty personal insults elsewhere on the site.

    4) no death threats/physical harm threats.

    other than the basics, thats all i have to offer suggestion wise. It will be interesting to see where this forum ends up, and whether it turns out to be a good or bad thing in the long run. If i had to lay my money down, i know which side i'd lay it on...but i'd still only call it 60-40 odds in my favor ;)
  7. PlaneJane

    PlaneJane Old Woman

    Jun 9, 2007
    SE Virginia
    OK, let me see if I have this right:

    OAF = Dopey

    Furball = Grumpy

    GNG = Snow White

    Seems to me that the interesting people will stay in GNG and the interesting threads will end up in Furball. Not criticizing the decision; it'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  8. Eric

    Eric Big Giant Head Staff Member Admin Moderator

    Jan 1, 1970
    Apparently we have a very different opinion on the meaning of the word interesting, as it applies to threads. I don't consider the same few knuckleheads arguing over the same old topics ad infinitum interesting. I consider it tiring. Eric
  9. Garrett Smith

    Garrett Smith

    Oct 23, 2005
    So, can we move the religious folks and the posts on politics here?
  10. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Sep 15, 2003
    Pit bulls rawk.
  11. seanmac45

    seanmac45 CLM

    Apr 13, 2000
    Brooklyn, NY

    Do you expect the contentuous threads to be started here, or is this the final dumping ground for them from other forums (i.e. religious, political, etc.)
  12. ghostwn

    ghostwn Ghost Member

    Dec 17, 2002
    I have better things to read, then to read about this stuff...:whistling:
  13. Texas357

    Texas357 Señor Member CLM

    Jan 3, 2007
    Will threads in this forum show up when you click "New Posts?"

    The idea is intriguing, and I hope it works at keeping the peace and saving you trouble. Have you considered nominating more moderators, rather than letting every decision come to you?
  14. pesticidal

    pesticidal Eh? CLM

    Jun 5, 2002
    North Dakota
    Can we have a thread about how much of a 'tard Ender is?

  15. intheburbs

    intheburbs Appleseed SI CLM

    Aug 4, 2007
    SE Michigan
    And I thought this was going to be a cat forum.....

    Let's call it the train wreck forum! You want to look away, but you can't. You feel this compulsion to watch. At least now it's a one-stop shop. Thanks, Eric.
  16. Ender

    Ender ComfortablyNumb

    May 20, 2001
    you can have that in ANY forum you want. ;)
  17. Eric

    Eric Big Giant Head Staff Member Admin Moderator

    Jan 1, 1970
    Threads from this forum will not appear in the New Posts list. Neither will posts from the PI forum, RI forum or CL forum any longer. Eric
  18. PlaneJane

    PlaneJane Old Woman

    Jun 9, 2007
    SE Virginia
    Apparently, as so frequently happens, I misunderstood. I assumed that in addition to the hot button threads, any others that got "spirited" would be moved here also. In any case, I intended no criticism. Whatever you choose to do here is, by definition, correct.

  19. Londo Mollari

    Londo Mollari Emperor

    Jan 23, 2003
    Babylon 5

    How is your workload going to change because of this? Either you or a moderator still has to move threads here to die; wouldn't it be just as easy to lock the threads?

    Why don't you try setting up a temporary posting ban system for posters that cause you to do work, but you wouldn't outright ban? Like have it say something like: your posting privileges have been revoked for __24__ hours due to your behavior in thread _____. I suspect that if people got warnings like that they might change their behavior, shape up, and be more productive in the future. Naturally this will not work perfectly, but it might force people with hot tempers to cool their heels and thereby improve the general quality of the site.
  20. Gallium

    Gallium CLM

    Mar 26, 2003


    I owe you a beer, or the tel # for that Highway chic, whichever is easier!