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FTF in AL: Nice Colt Government Pocketlite .380 w/5 mags and papers!

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by bamarammin87, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, what I have here is a very nice Colt MK IV Series 80 Government Pocketlite .380 auto. Bought new, 1 owner. Carried some, but in very good shape, with very good bluing. I want 650$ cash for it. It comes with the case, all the paperwork that came with it, and comes with SIX mags. 3 of them opened, and 3 of the mags are brand new in the package. The three not in the package are in great shape also. In the late 1980's these mags were 20 dollars each new. Very sweet gun here with a very nice single action trigger. Can arrange to meet in Decatur, Huntsville (near larry's), Muscle Shoals, or Florence. This will make somebody a very nice carry gun! It's just like a miniature 1911!:wavey: You don't see many of these at all anymore!

    Thanks for looking, here are some pics of it. Sorry they aren't the best, they don't do the gun justice. It's a sweet little gun. The flash blurred out the grips, but they're just the factory silver colt emblem in the middle. Hit me up guys! This is for sale only please this time, no trades can be considered no matter how nice!




    PM's or emails preferred method of contact.

    EDIT: 700 shipped if no FTF buyers
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  2. Let's give this rare little carry piece a bump.

  3. Edited to add:

    Found another mag, so that's 6 mags total now!!

    And also, I will ship for 700 if I find no FTF buyers. Thanks for looking.
  4. Bump, and despite the trade offers, I am still standing by my original post, no trades considered, this has to be a sale only, sorry guys!
  5. Two more pics so you can see relative size, sorry the picture is blurry and color looks off. Check out how thin it is! BTW I have smaller hands.

    looks like a 1911 in the last pic! feels like one too.
  6. Bump. Have a good halloween weekend!
  7. buump, you don't see many of these!
  8. BUMP, this is a awesome gun guys! It's had 2 mags thru it in it's life.
  9. Bump, 690 shipped (actual shipping is 40 bucks)
  10. Bump, only had 2 magazines fired thru it in its life, comes with original papers and the nice plastic colt case. Sweet little gun. Mini 1911.
  11. This gun is nearly new guys. Hasn't even fired a box of ammo!