FTE with a 'new rsa/ejector' Glock 17 Gen 4

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by inky0ct0pus, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Just went to the range to fire our brand new Glock 17 Gen 4. It has the most updated RSA and ejector (called Glock about it). Test fire date was 07-12-12

    In the first three magazines, I had a total of three stovepipes. Pictures are below. I did not clean it before shooting.

    I'm wondering what to do about this. Glock is adamant that it's the current RSA and Ejector.

    Could it be a magazine problem? It was a new 10 round mag that came with the gun. If I can recall correctly, at least two of the jams occurred on the last round of the mag.

    Should I clean it and re-shoot?

    Was going to sell it, but don't want to pawn off those problems on somebody else.

    I'm aware that limp-wristing can be an issue, but within a couple minutes I shot my Gen 4 21 and had no problems at all.

    Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I should do?

    Thanks for your help!




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  3. voyager4520

    voyager4520 -----

    Have you noticed any erratic ejection with it? That is, ejection anywhere but to the right between 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock. Have you noticed triangular dents/scrapes at the case mouths of the spent casings?

    What ammo were you shooting? It's possible it's just a weak ammo problem, 124gr Speer Lawman should work fine.

    From what I can tell the erratic ejection problem that makes the new ejector necessary is caused mostly by the slide not being machined correctly, having the effect of the extractor sitting too far forward so that it does not firmly hold the rim of the spent casing to the breech face. It can also be caused by an out-of-spec extractor that doesn't move freely enough, in which case replacing it would fix the problem.

    If it's caused by an out-of-spec extractor, replacing it with a new 9mm LCI extractor would fix it. If the slide isn't machined correctly you could try a .40 LCI extractor but the claw may have to be filed down to allow 9mm casing rims to slip under it for proper feeding, or you could try an Apex 9mm extractor. Other than replacing extractors you'd have to send the gun back to Glock perhaps multiple times until they replace the gun with a new one, if you go that route call Glock and ask for the Warranty Service Department, explain the problem and ask for a prepaid shipping label to send it back to them. It's quite expensive to send it back to Glock if you pay for it yourself.

    My Gen3 G27 had the erratic ejection problem, luckily using the "Gen4" 28926 ejector in my Gen3 trigger housing along with replacing the extractor with an older 15 degree non-LCI version with non-LCI SLB fixed the problem. It doesn't seem such an easy fix for most 9mm Glocks though.

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  4. Clean and oil the gun. Get rid of the gunky anti-seize. Follow the manual exactly.

    Then get some 124 gr NATO ammo - the box will say NATO on it. Winchester, among others, makes some.

    One possible reason for a failure to eject (or stovepipe) is wimpy ammo like Federal Champion. This stuff may not move the slide fast enough or far enough. The fact that it works perfectly in an XD9 doesn't mean it will work in a Glock.

    124 gr NATO will be moving about 1200 fps so the power factor (product of bullet weight in grains times velocity in fps all divided by 1000) is about 149. 115 gr Federal Champion is probably running about 1000 fps so the power factor is only 115. Too wimpy!


  5. Thank you for your prompt reply. The ejection was very good on it, always well out between 3-5 o clock. There was a small triangular dent on the mouth of at least one of the FTE casings. Its the middle picture. Sorry, I don't know why they're so small. Most of the casings were fine though. I used Winchester White Box 9mm 115gr FMJ.
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  6. That's kind of a bummer. Got the Glock so it could eat anything. :(
  7. Another possibility: You got one of "those" Glocks and fixing the problem is going to be a long and complex task. Even the Apex extractor doesn't solve all of the problems.

    All you need to do is search this forum for 'ejection' and you will see that it is very common topic over the last 2 years. A week never goes by without yet another "my gun won't eject" thread.

    Sometimes, selling the gun is the only way to solve the problem. Or let it sit in the gun safe until someone comes up with a real fix.

  8. bentbiker

    bentbiker NRA Member

    Before doing anything else, do as the owners manual advises. Clean and lube without removing the copper-colored anti-seize.

    Then, lock those wrists and shoot again.
  9. That was "old Glock", this is "new Glock". Glock Perfection left the station a long time back. Some folks think it might have been some time in 2008 with the advent of MIM parts.

    The problems are more pronounced in 9mm guns, late model Gen 3s and all Gen 4s, but it isn't unique to 9mm. It's just that 9mm outsells all the other calibers.

    Sometimes (most often), the problem doesn't show up until the gun has several hundred rounds through it.

    Just search the forum. You can't miss the topic.

  10. He shouldn't have to do any fixes or modifications to a brand new Glock, or any other brand pistol!!! He didn't but a Kel-Tec or High Point p
  11. Thanks! I wish I didn't either. I did research the pistol, but was convinced the problems were fixed with the new extractor/RSA. I wish ammo weren't so hard to find right now. I've just cleaned and re-lubed it. Went with Ballistol. The next range trip will have to wait until I can find some ammunition.
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  12. jnc54

    I have a Gen 4 17 that has the same test fire date of 7/12/12. Purchased 7/31/12. It has ran great for me. Mostly Winchester WB 115 gr from WM.

    I gave mine a cleaning when I got it, leaving the copper grease in place and oiled in the areas that the manual said.

    After about 300rds I cleaned the copper off and put a little grease on the slide rails at each cleaning there after.

    Be sure and lock your wrist good when shooting the 115 gran ammo. Mine ejects about 3 to 4 ft to the right at 3:30 to 5:00.
  13. I don't think you need to run NATO ammo, or hot ammo for that matter. I have pretty weak ejection from my gen 4 17, but I have never had a malfunction. I did a detailed cleaning/lube before I shot the gun (as usual).

    I have put 100 rounds of federal bulk, and 200 rounds of Tula... Something else is amiss.
  14. It could just be that it was all gunked up from sitting on the shelf. TF date was 7-12-12 but got it 1-1-13. I didn't clean it before shooting because I saw a thread on here talking about how the copper grease was good and stuff. I did however disassemble it and inspect all the parts.
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  15. jay1975

    jay1975 Ultra Master

    Clean and oil it. And to the guy who said ALL Gen 4s have problems; you, sir, are quite mistaken. A simple scan of the threads on GT show that.

    posted using Outdoor Hub Campfire
  16. I miss worded that. I meant 'all' as in all models, 17, 19, etc, not 'all' as in every one. I don't think anybody has figured out what percentage has problems. I'm sure it is pretty small. But after two years, you would think it would be zero!

    Very few people sign up for GlockTalk just to say they don't have a problem. They probably don't even know there is a potential for problems. Then too, many of these guns get a box of ammo through them and sit in the nightstand forever.

  17. ^^^^^ that
  18. Inky....go to www.cpwsa.com. Scroll down the index on the left under Products then to White Sound Defense. I believe that's the sequence. That will bring up a list of their products. Scroll down to the HRED and read the info. I have been working through a Glock 26 Gen 3 with BTF & weak extraction problems. I have put in a new stock type RSA, Lone Wolf extractor, and a new #30274 ejector. All of these didn't help a lick. So I put in the HRED with the above mentioned components and things got better. I'm still working through this so I don't have a detailed report to publish. But I think the HRED is the ticket. I'm no gunsmith, just a Glock owner tired of brass to my face/forehead and weak dribbling ejection. And remember this, it is not your grip or ammo! It is a gun issue.
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  19. I went back to the range today. Only shot about 30 rounds. Ammo is impossible to find here. In that thirty rounds I had two more FTE's. Since the last trip I've cleaned my gun thoroughly, disassembled, reassembled, ect.
    I was using Winchester White Box FMJ for one FTE and Winchester personal defense JHP (also white box) for the other FTE. Two different magazines each had a FTE.

    Ejection was good, strong and out far to the right.

    I was NOT 'limp wristing'.

    Should I send it back to Glock to look at? Should I sell it and buy a Sig or an M&P?

    This gun has had less than 100 rounds down the tube and 5 FTE's. I'm at wit's end.

    Please help.
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  20. IMO, the gun should not FTE that much. Since you asked, if it were me I would send it to Glock, since it won't cost you anything... and who knows it very well could come back fixed. They should send you a prepaid label. In the meantime, I would be looking around in the event it doesn't come back fixed. Hopefully that won't be the case.
  21. I would ask someone else to shoot it first before sending it out. If they do not encounter any issues...it's you or the ammo.

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