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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Castello Dunhill, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Today I was finally able to get out and shoot my brand new Gen 3 23 with an NiB-X finish on the slide and barrel.

    100 rounds of Winchester white box.

    In the first 50 rounds I had two FTE (failures to eject), and in the second 50 rounds I has one FTE.

    Prior to shooting the gun was properly cleaned and oiled with Balistol.

    Is it normal for a new Gen 3 23 to have 3 out of 100 FTE's ? Does it just need to break in more ? Could the ammo be the problem ? Or, could the NiB-X finish be the problem ?

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  2. Is this with all mags?

  3. I thought the same thing. But I kept getting them mixed up. So, I don't know.
  4. Any other ideas as to what it may be ?
  5. Take your magazines, load them to capacity and let them sit for 24 to 48 hours. Then, hit the range, load to capacity minus 1 and see how it functions. A lot of times you'll see this type of error with new tight magazines.
  6. 2 things come to mind


    NiB-X finish
    on the slide and barrel.
  7. barth

    barth six barrels

    I've got an EXO Fail Zero nickel boron gen3 G27.
    IMHO - the problem's not with the nickel boron finish.

    And no it's not normal or acceptable.
    Not even for NIB.
    Have an experienced Glock shooter run the gun and see if it still manfunctions.
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  8. It could be caused by the Winchester White Box ammo. American Eagle and Speer Lawman work perfectly in my G23 and G27. It could also be caused by an out-of-spec extractor, Glock's recent production extractors have widely varying specs and you may have gotten one that doesn't move freely enough.

    Next time you shoot it, pick up some of the spent casings and look at their case mouth's, if there's a triangular dent/scrape on the case mouths it may mean you need a 28926 ejector.
  9. Break it in first and then question.
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  10. Shot another 100 rounds of Winchester white box.

    Everything went good until the 92nd round. The previous round extracted fine, but round 92 was a failure to feed. It went to the left of the feed ramp and kept the slide open.

    I wasn't limp wristing, my elbow was locked and I had two hands firmly on the gun.

    So far I have had 4 hiccups out of 200 rounds.
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  11. edited previous post, meant to say I wasn't limp wristing

    Any ideas as to what the problem might be?
  12. I reject the idea that a Glock is always perfect out of the box. I think you should continue to shoot it if you can get the ammo. I would not even consider contacting Glock until I had put about 500 rounds through it.
  13. That is good advice. I bought another 100 rounds of Winchester white box, as that is pretty much all I can find locally.

    Seems like a lot of ammo and $$$ to use up to see if the gun even works.

    Hopefully it will break in. 4 malfunctions in 200 rounds isn't reliable for a carry gun
  14. barth

    barth six barrels

    My gen 3 G27 has a FTF about 1 in 1000 rounds or so.
    NIB It easily ran first 1000 with zero problems.
    And that was about 1/2 hollow points.
    I really think out of spec ammo may be the root cause of any issues I've had.

    My G27 has about +7000 rounds on the odometer.
    And that's split three ways between 9mm, 357 Sig and 40 S&W.
    The Glock OEM 40 barrel has been no more reliable than my Storm Lake barrels.
    I think I got a bad Glock OEM G33 357 Sig barrel.
    As it wouldn't feed Speer GDHPs.
    And swapping a Storm Lake 357 barrel resolved that problem.

    Bottom Line, I totally agree, 4 issues in 200 rounds is unacceptable for carry.
    I demand 200 self defense rounds run trouble free
    before I'll carry that weapon.

    Good luck with your gun.
    I think if it were mine?
    I'd be considering calling Glock Customer Service.
    And having a crucial conversation with them.

    Doesn't seem like it would be a problem to at least call
    and talk to them about it. See what they have to say.
    My Arsenal SLR-106U had FTF issues with hollow points in the first 100 rounds.
    They took it back without question and fixed it for free.
    Now it runs like butter and eats anything.

    I like it like that.
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  15. Great advice.
  16. Well, you'd be shooting the gun anyway even if it were100% so I don't see it as a waste. Glock will be there if you need them but shooting it some very well may prevent you from the annoyance of sending it in. Glock isn't going anywhere and your warranty will be just as good 500 rounds from now. You may not need the warranty then. In these times, I ain't sending any of my guns out unless it is absolutely a necessity.
  17. I bought it off of Gunbroker. It was new, but do I still have a warranty?
  18. Yes. It should have had a warranty card in the box to fill out and mail in. I tried to register my new G19 online and they would not let me. Other gunmakers make it simple to register you gun online but Glock is still in the 1980's mode of thinking.
  19. You sure do. Glock does not care about its age or number of owners.
  20. i doubt its the NIBx coating. Ive ran 600+ round through my G19 NIBx without a single malfunction. Thats acceptable for my carry gun

    Whitebox is not the best of ammo, try the mag trick too...

    Good luck

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