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FSN (whatever)

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by packinaglock, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. packinaglock

    packinaglock John 3:16

    May 1, 2007
    Loxahatchee Fl
    How many "FSN down" threads can be packed into GLOCK TALK before Eric finally gets pissed that his site is being used as a backup site for FSN? Hospitality is one thing but it is starting to seem like ya'll are having a running joke over there at FSN trying to see how many advertising threads can be starting over here. :upeyes:
  2. Palmguy

    Palmguy Boom.

    Oct 29, 2006
    NW FL
    Uh, ok. :upeyes:

  3. Maddcat1


    May 6, 2008
    Space Coast, FL
    Hmmm Florida Glockers here, Florida Shooters Network there. :dunno: I do own other firearms than Glock. I do like to meet other Florida Gun Owners. I am a member to "other" forums as well. :dunno: There are some FSN'ers and GT'ers that go to both sites. Advertising? I dont get it :dunno: The sites been down a few times. Wheres the joke?
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2009
  4. djegators


    Mar 1, 2009
    Tampa, FL
    Seems like pretty bad advertising...seems like they are down a lot. I pretty much just ignore the threads that do not interest me. Maybe you coulds could limit your FSN talk to one thread?
  5. packinaglock

    packinaglock John 3:16

    May 1, 2007
    Loxahatchee Fl
    Sorry, didn't really meen to be a dick but I also belong to some other Florida forums and everytime I visit them I see these threads and it has been going on for months. Guess I just had a WTF moment :dunno: